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'A Friendly Call' William Merritt Chase 1894 {{PD}}

‘A Friendly Call’ William Merritt Chase 1894 {{PD}}

We have access to wisdom, and skills are on point, and both may be available through ourselves or others; thinking aligns with values, and our empowerment options seem to line up with those areas where we already hold power and with willing aid from authorities or highers ups–so where’s the problem? It may lie in a certain, very specific vein of thought that is decidedly unhealthy for us, possibly shown by the less positive side of our natal Mercury by sign and aspect.

Whether the issue’s signified by the return of an old habit, a new ‘bad practice’, or a negative emotional turn, our mentality can run in an unhealthy direction, and we may be prone to excuse it, or not even spot it, so that it is able to take significant, destructive hold. Trust those with whom you have a shared mental outlook to be able to tell you what must go; all you need to do is ask (Juno parallel Ceres, Merc sq Hygeia and parallel Venus, Sun trine Pallas)

Please note: tomorrow Mars stations direct, and will be sesquiquadrate the Sun and parallel Pluto. Assertive energy that’s not ‘claimed’ or sufficiently employed may be looking for a place to express, and where it lights it may be destructive, as the tendency will be to see what needs change, what draws our criticism, and to sic our Martian energies on it. Tread with care, as the force of release is bound to be too enthusiastic and somewhat clumsy–and Mars is always best when we find a productive, positive target, and let it loose at that.

Martin Le France, 1451 {{PD}}

Martin Le France, 1451 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a witch. What does that mean to you? For some it’s a childhood character that doesn’t exist in real life, for others it’s a blasphemous label, for still others it’s an older term for those who practice Wicca, while others may not think of this as a person so much as a kind of curse, something hurled, especially toward a crone, to show disrespect and to take another’s power by naming–if you can spot a witch and call her out, the belief is she’s somehow then helpless. Which of these you relate to may say something about your own views of and relationship to the idea of elemental power and perception–and about what powers, in yourself or others, you may reject due to fear.