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Etching, aquatint, by Morozov589 CC BY-SA 4.0

Etching, aquatint, by Morozov589 CC BY-SA 4.0

Most everyone is focused on, celebrating, or tensed for the Mars direction, and with good reason, especially this cycle, with Mars turning just as he receives some harsh regard from the Sun and some covert stimulation from the Underworld; there’s bound to be a little acid splash, as Mars in Scorpio creates change (Pluto) to what we put our attention on (the Sun), and does it with a stinging, deadly seriousness, a ‘now or never’ opportunism that threatens permanence to either alterations or status quo (Brexit, anyone?) It’s enough to make people leap when they’d be rather smart to look, first. But the good news is that this period will be the peak of this effect; from here on the impulse to fling acid in the figurative face of our nemeses will dissipate quickly, as will the impulse to act in order to feel we’re making an impact, or in a desperate effort to exert control. Until we’re out of the shade of these combined contacts, we’ll likely be looking to the past for reward, for sustenance, and for companionship, and we may be longing for ‘the good old days’ in some way that allows nostalgia to override the realities of the past.

One other thing informs our thoughts, briefly but sharply: we see an effective way to empowerment, and this occurs under duress. Whether it’s the pressure that churns the mind and agitates up an idea, or whether the status forces a choice that itself creates pressure, the result is that we find a good way to extend our reach, to enhance our standing, or to have the kind of influence we desire (Mars stations direct sesq the Sun and parallel Pluto, Venus trine the SN, Mercury trines Juno at 29 degrees of their respective Air signs, then enters Cancer)

 Photo by Saba5555  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Photo by Saba5555 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Today’s word image is a bee, in the early morning, nestled in the flower where it spent the night. Sometimes a bee caught out late camps in a blossom and waits for daylight and warmth; we should be like that bee, right now. Though the current influences foster exceptional productivity and progress in personal efforts, we need to be willing to take our necessary rest when the time is right–how else will we continue to produce at such a stunning pace?

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