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Gain is possible in many forms today. 'Earthbound' Evelyn De Morgan 1896 {{PD}}

Gain is possible in many forms today. ‘Earthbound’ Evelyn De Morgan 1896 {{PD}}

We gain, we get opportunities, we profit, we get more (or better) simply by being willing to face what isn’t working within the ambition and desire picture, particularly the ways in which our goals are causing conflict or upset to others (Zeus in Libra). A clear-eyed look at where we stand will take some nerve, especially since the reality picture may be making it abundantly obvious in what areas we aren’t powerful or in charge; our natural response may be to feel sorry for ourselves, then go out and try to prove the Universe wrong, but we benefit much more by acceptance of what the real world is telling us. We need the feedback of the concrete world, because our thinking is too easily clouded now by those things we’ve tried to ignore, gone out of our way to deny, or that have gotten under our skin–and that means hyper-reactivity is a danger, even for the most sedate among us. We may also see many efforts in many forms to stop or control Nature–not a good idea. To review: opportunity abounds and we gain if we assess ambitions and their effects ruthlessly; note what the circumstances of our reality are telling us, but don’t take them to heart; don’t resist Nature (or Time, for that matter); and keep in mind that the more buried material we carry, the more touchy we may be–and that can definitely affect our judgment at this time (Saturn sesq Ceres, Venus sq Zeus and sxt Jupiter, Mercury trine Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is a sound: the hoot of an owl, without seeing one. We’re hearing what’s smart, what’s wise, but we may have trouble taking it in, as we’re either unsure of the source or we are ‘believe it when we see it’ types. Consider that wisdom is wisdom no matter the origins, and to expect visual ‘proof’ of the rightness of things before we’ll implement them may be just slightly unreasonable.

We start Dark of the Moon around 4 AM Pacific time of the 1st. It’s a time to allow for silences and the sounds of Nature, to retreat, to rest, relax, to be open to meditation and contemplation. Have a wonderful, laid back Friday!