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'A Picnic at Portofino' George Spencer Watson 1910 {{PD}}

‘A Picnic at Portofino’ George Spencer Watson 1910 {{PD}}

Saturday our thoughts and communications have something beautifully instinctual about them; be sure to really listen to yourself and to others, as the unconscious perceptual nature makes itself and its wisdom known, and that means there are no stumbles if we’ll simply pause to hear what’s really going on (and which way we should go–the instincts are dead on with that!) Even with the potential for scenarios requiring adjustment (either to the material situation and/ or to what we think we know), we find that the instincts will serve us if we’ll just give them some attention (Mercury nov Sedna and trine Pallas, the Sun semi-sq Sedna and qnx Saturn)

Sunday presents a radically mixed (and so confusing) bag: on the one hand we may find that things we’ve said and done in the past may hamper us now, and the reality picture seems to not only contradict our highest values and priorities, but to actually impede us in exercising our status (that’s a wide net that generally covers circumstances where we would normally be empowered to act but for some reason can’t). Add to this the potential to be mislead, even mightily deceived, and we could feel there’s nothing we can count on. Contrast this with the way creativity and opportunity are spread out before us like a picnic; we are offered rare, nearly guaranteed circumstances for future success, and if we can keep our heads screwed on straight, and find creative venues that suit our specific, unique sensibilities, we can give that dream, the really big one, a reasonable chance for manifestation (Juno sesq SN, Saturn contra-parallel Vesta, Jupiter parallel NN, Mercury sesq Mars, Sun trine Neptune)

P. H. Fabre CC BY 4.0

The titling on the picture reads: “THE HOME-COMING OF THE BRIDE Having at last found a cavern that promises well as a dwelling-place, the male Scorpion leads his bride into it. Next morning the cave has only one tenant” But they don’t say which one! Photo by P. H. Fabre CC BY 4.0

This weekend’s word image is something my husband observed this morning and shared with me in an email: “I stood behind a woman at the bus stop this morning who had a Scorpio tattoo on her toe and then, when the bus I was on was driving through downtown, it stopped next to a car whose license plate said WTRSIGN.” We may be dealing with action and choice dictated both by the need for conscious change (Mars in Scorpio) and those matters ignored, denied, or that enrage that may be driving us from the unconscious (Black Moon Lilith, also in Scorpio), and individually we may look for this effect in matters of the natal Houses that hold Water signs. Expect strong emotional reactions to be the initial signal, pushed by a psychic ‘wave’, that mental or physical change is underway–then watch which direction following those emotions may take you.

Have a wonderful, safe, and restful weekend, and to all in the U.S., Happy Independence Day!