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'Rue de Paris, temps de pluie' Gustave Caillebotte 1876 {{PD}}

‘Rue de Paris, temps de pluie’ Gustave Caillebotte 1876 {{PD}}

Interactions today are based on instincts, with the goal, conscious or not, of the need to wound or heal others or ourselves (contradictory and varied intents are to be expected), and we follow our internal prompts in spite of difficulties thrown in our way by circumstances, ‘the rules’, or authority figures. Those in power are bent on pointing out to us what’s wrong with what we want or aspire to, but we are thinking big, and can use mental faculties to tap into faith or opportunity (which is dictated by where your idols lie) and use it as propulsion forward. One warning: be very clear in the differences among thought, feeling, instinct, and desire–it’s easy to confuse them, especially when we want something so much we justify it as instinctual, rather than a choice–instincts, and opportunities shown us by the mind, are what we should be following today (Venus sxt Sedna, sesq Saturn, and trine Chiron, Mercury sxt Jupiter, Sun sq Zeus)

Today’s word image is an outdoor concert in the rain. Are you the kind of person who would see this as an adventure, an inconvenience, or an insult, feeling the concert would be ruined? Can you enjoy something as much when it doesn’t go as planned as you do when it does? Do you take such developments personally, or do you see them as just part of living? We may do well to widen our parameters for accepting and enjoying the unexpected; in our symbol, we see a chance to appreciate two sensations, two senses, at once.