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'Paysage au Pouldu' Paul Gauguin 1889 {{PD}}

‘Paysage au Pouldu’ Paul Gauguin 1889 {{PD}}

Saturday: We may find it difficult both to utilize creative energies in profitable or productive ways and to express the wisdom we know we have within; and this is in spite of the optimism we are feeling and the plentiful opportunities we see all around us. Relationships and/ or finances may be subject to misunderstandings or outright deceptions, and what we want, as well as our interactions, suffer under the burden of unreal ideals to which we flawed humans may find it impossible to adhere. Our expectations don’t jibe with reality, and how quickly we are able to set aside what we anticipated and instead deal with what is will determine how well things go for us. The healthy way is optimism, and an openness that allows us to share our burdens and delights with others, and they with us. A commitment to reality and a sense of being ‘in this together’ will make for effective and positive outcomes (Hygeia enters Libra, Venus sesq Neptune, Mercury sesq Pallas, Sun sxt Jupiter)

Photo courtesy of User:FA2010 Wikimedia Commons {{PD}}

Photo courtesy of User:FA2010 Wikimedia Commons {{PD}}

Saturday’s word image is a vacuum that spews out, rather than sucks in! What mechanism or device used in our thinking or our behavior is not just ineffective, it is bringing about the opposite outcome to what we actually want? Admit you are the source of at least a fraction of your troubles, rid yourself of this Self-perpetuated obstacle, and notice how certain difficulties just fall away.

Paul Gauguin 1893 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin 1893 {{PD}}

Sunday: Our values or relationships themselves challenge our priorities, and the scenario presented is, ‘Choose: you can have what you care about, or me/ what I care about’; this is a false dichotomy likely presented by someone who either holds and wants to retain power over you, or who wants your power for their own. Emotionalism can make it easy to act in accord with the demand, just to remove the pressure, but doing so would put you at a distinct disadvantage, and shrink your options and choices to almost nil–so trust your values and priorities, instead, and what you know to be right (Mars qnx Vesta, Venus sq Ceres, Merc trine Mars)

'In the bark' Claude Monet 1887 {{PD}}

‘In the bark’ Claude Monet 1887 {{PD}}

Sunday’s word image is a blue-green color filled with undulating light, as if you’re observing the world from under water. Consider the emotional filters we all use, and make note of the ones that allow us to observe without becoming overly involved, or heavily judgmental, but that help us maintain a cool equilibrium. You’ll need this mild distancing at some point today, if only to keep you from blowin’ it up.

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