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'Dazu Rock Carvings, Bao Ding buddhas' 23 February 2007 Photo by Truthven  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

‘Dazu Rock Carvings, Bao Ding buddhas’
23 February 2007 Photo by Truthven Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The good news is thoughts, ideas, and communications are healing–don’t keep kindness to yourself, as sharing will actually be a salve to others–instincts can guide where and when to apply–and the matters of the Houses of the natal chart ruled by Mercury can be ‘put right’ at this time, with sudden ideas or an unexpected ‘coming together’ of info adding illumination, though radical or abrupt changes to what already is won’t be supported, and neither will messages centered on change or rebellion–we just won’t hear those and be moved, as we might otherwise be. So, energy expression should go toward making the world a better place, especially intellectually or conceptually, with a generous helping of Love for ourselves the foundation (Venus enters Leo, after spending the day in a ‘crisis of caring’ at 29 degrees Cancer).

Now the more difficult circumstances: an underlying discord between opposing or complementary entities (male-female, positive-negative, yin-yang) prevents smooth coordination or any chance of working together for very long. We may be perceiving the reality picture as a rough one, and could use the unity, use the help–but past frictions are making true cooperation impossible at this moment. Give it some time–each person has to work through that sticking point, likely a mental one, that’s inhibiting real teamwork–and accept that we have our own impediments to cooperation, too–it’s not just the other guy. Now is not the time to push for big change; we’d do best to get our own thoughts into some kind of objective, and very patient, order (Venus contra-parallel Mars and sesq SN, Mercury sq Uranus, trine Chiron, sesq Saturn, and sxt Sedna)

Textile bag "Chuspa" created between 0900 and 1470 Pre-Columbian {{PD}}

Textile bag “Chuspa”
created between 0900 and 1470 Pre-Columbian {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an open purse. This is figurative, of course; ‘currency’ comes in many forms. ‘Generosity’ is a keyword; so is consciousness of (rather than judgment of) worth. Share in appreciation, not out of obligation; the positive effects of paying attention to and ‘promoting’ what we find of worth (no matter what form it takes) are amplified at this time. It’s a situation of ‘what we send out we get back’, very quickly, at this point in time. Experiment (says my Aquarius Ascendant!) and you’ll see this almost instantly at work.

Many thanks to those who’ve been so generous with me–your spirit inspired the daily image! And everyone, have a great start to your week!