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Caspar David Friedrich 1809 {{PD}}

Caspar David Friedrich 1809 {{PD}}

Our own inner wisdom and practicality make us acutely aware of matters hidden, ignored, denied, or that enrage, and yet we also know that to dig up the past or what’s already been will prevent not just healing, it will distance us from our own values, making personal navigation exceptionally difficult. We don’t feel good turning away from what needs to come to light, and we know that empowerment comes directly from dealing with reality, with ‘what is’ in its most concrete terms–but being too aggressive, even in pursuit of reform, will have the unfortunate effect of making us just ‘one of the mob’, even if we’re just a mob of one. All that makes us unique, original, special in our own way is temporarily erased when we indulge our sense of righteous anger. A little humility, along with the strength to question whether we actually do know better, will go a long way toward helping us form an accurate picture of who and where we are, and so help us know what we can do and be most effectively (Pallas trine Black Moon Lilith, Chiron sq Vesta, Saturn nov Juno, Mars qnx Uranus, Merc sesq SN, sq Ceres, then enters Leo)

Today’s word image is a man holding two leashes, and no dogs. Are we getting ahead of ourselves, somehow, ambitious to equip ourselves for what hasn’t yet occurred? There’s being prepared, and then there’s doing something so far ahead of developments that it becomes nonsensical. Make sure you’re not trying to rush something that, one way or another, needs more time.