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Our Lady of "The Most Bright Star" 1700 Photo by A.I. Kazantsev {{PD}}

Artist be trippin’. Our Lady of “The Most Bright Star” 1700 Photo by A.I. Kazantsev {{PD}}

The mind is ‘bright’ today, in some fundamental way that separates it from the ego and the Will–and so allows us to consider things in an unusually objective light. Objective, that is, if we are not trying to run an agenda for our own gratification or empowerment; if we are, we’ll likely convince ourselves our reasoning is sound. The test? Are our thoughts focused on making someone else do or react as we like? If so, we’re not on an impartial course.

But most of us will be aligned with our highest values, with relationships and finances benefiting from this, as well as bringing about a ‘mental health’ state that is strongly centered in facets of our ‘Best Self’. Barring any contrary transits to a personal natal placement, the overall effect should be one of extraordinary insight and the chance to judge our circumstances accurately, and to make especially clear-sighted plans, that are faithful to those matters, situations, causes, and individuals that matter most. Good day for: mending interactions with the mate, choosing investments, and assessing relationships in ways that reveal their sacred nature (or their lack of it) (Venus parallel Vesta, Mercury sxt Hygeia, sq Juno, contra-parallel Mars, and parallel the Sun, which is contra-parallel Mars)


‘Mother and child’ by Blek le Rat, Los Angeles Photo by Stefan Kloo 2008 CC BY 2.0

Today’s word image is a mother with her child. Whatever you have created in this world, accept it, love it, and try to understand it or try to understand why you made it, before you even think of trying to change it.