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The path we follow today certainly determines where we end up tomorrow. 'The Sunken Road in the Cliff at Varangeville' (1882)-Claude Monet {{PD}}

The path we follow today certainly determines where we end up tomorrow. ‘The Sunken Road in the Cliff at Varangeville’ (1882)-Claude Monet {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Our role in relationships, or our responsibility for finances, looms large; we get real-world feedback that either shows us our limits or delivers a solid manifestation of what we’ve put in to one or both of these Venusian venues. Past choices deliver current outcomes–and may wound, show us our weaknesses, or heal some hurt we held in our imaginations, rather than in reality (Chiron in Pisces). The good thing is that we gain, maybe socially, but definitely in tangible terms. Examine efforts and thinking in light of what past methods have produced; be willing to give up what doesn’t work–that only helps make room for more, and better (Venus trine Saturn, sesq Chiron, and nov Jupiter, Merc qnx SN and semi-sq Vesta, Sun sesq SN)

Edgar Degas, 'Woman ironing' 1873 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas, ‘Woman ironing’ 1873 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an ironing board. This symbol of the housewife’s drudgery is something of an antique; new fabrics, steaming, more casual dress, and the proud display of wrinkles has taken this item out of daily use. You may have some personal associations with this–I see it as an example of something we all know now, that may soon pass so far out of use that coming generations won’t even know what it is–and that prompts examination of how the passage of time modifies our idea of what’s necessary, what’s useful.

1280px-Kloster_Rüti_-_Mitra_-_Stadtmuseum_Rapperswil_2012-12-01_16-04-33_(P7700)For those born with the Sun at 28 Cancer the coming year promises an emotional ‘showdown’, a defining of the true emotional perceptions and state (and we know that may secure, alter, or otherwise bring change in any number of ways)–and there are also indications that everything that happens relates to you determining to whom and what you want to dedicate your life energy. You may find the perfect partner this year–or may re-dedicate yourself to the one you have. In any case, serious matters are sorted, and life determining directions chosen, whether this is done consciously or not (with the ‘not’ looking as if externals are pushing you in this direction or that, closing off and opening options, willy-nilly). Good luck, Cancer, and Happy Birthday!