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John William Godward - Dolce Far Niente (1897) {{PD}}

John William Godward – Dolce Far Niente (1897) {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: The quincunx makes communications, and parsing our own thoughts, difficult: we are not good judges of info coming at us, and we’re not good judges of what we think; images and ideas swim and dissolve, facts seem to mutate and morph before our eyes, and we are easily distracted, drawn in the direction of the fantastical, the fanciful, and the untrue. We are unsure–that is, we are unsure if we are alert, cautious about drawing conclusions, and aware of the potential to be mislead or deceived–those who are sure are almost certainly laboring under a Neptunian illusion of one kind or another.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on the 19th at 27 CAP 40 at 3:56 PM PDT. This FM challenges us to act, to commit ourselves, to live our highest values, to actively honor what we care about; the basis is the FM’s sextile to Mars, with both inconjunct Vesta, which is apex to this Finger of God. Our choices and what we do will, whether we intend them to or not, reveal precisely what is most important to us, indeed, what we find sacred, in life. This Finger offers moments of genuine Truth, the kind that lets us know everyone’s standards and investments, and they ours–and these will be especially precious, and especially hard to discern, with Merc-Neptune in play.

The Lunar event also sextiles Chiron, trines Sedna, and with Uranus as the arm to the Sun-Earth/ Moon axis forms a T-square. Do these aspects describe what prompts the Full Moon ending or conclusion, or do they flow from the Lunar occurrence? It could be either; circumstances of healing or display of skills may be involved, instincts guiding us, with either the Full Moon presenting a stressful ‘test’ of the individuality focused on the willingness to be unique or independent, or this pressured situation, a crisis concerning expressing the individuality, coming from FM events.

Hiroshi Yoshida - Kumoi-Zakura (Kumoi Cherry Trees) 1919 {{PD}}

Hiroshi Yoshida – Kumoi-Zakura (Kumoi Cherry Trees) 1919 {{PD}}

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘A Large Aviary’. With the Full Moon we are seeing circumstances of stress, instinct, the need for action or choice that reveals priorities, and a requirement (via the FM events along the Sun-Earth/ Moon axis) that puts pressure on the individuality picture, and all of it accompanied by a persistent difficulty sorting fact from fiction, reality from delusion. So under these conditions, what does the Sabian suggest? An Aviary is a man-made construct, something that holds what would otherwise be wild, living things; we are looking at restrictions or boundaries put on what should be free. This relates directly to the circumstances of the T-square, and refines our understanding of it; stress will come from some element of our own Self-expression and our sense of freedom. The Sabian tells us that the constraints we suffer, whether imposed from within or without, are artificial ones.

The Sabian for the Sun, originator of all light/ enlightenment (symbolically speaking) illuminates this further: ‘An Indian Girl Introduces Her White Lover To Her Assembled Tribe’. The stress is about doing what’s right for us, apart from societal or ‘tribal’ constraints; we are effectively challenged to do what we are spurred to do as individuals, regardless of the expectations of others, hence the need to reconcile the pressure we may suffer to the need to be ourselves, wholly and completely.

The Full Moon mandate, then, is to act, in character, despite any confusion or uncertainty, and realize (though we may not be able to define this until after the fact) that others are showing their priorities, and we ours to them. We receive assistance from healed others and the healed parts of ourselves, and if we can allow it to ‘speak’, instinct will be a trustworthy guide to successful resolution of that call to be true to who we are.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 2016

Today’s word image is all shades of green. The different shades can be soothing, revivifying, or nauseating, and everything in between; note what the greens you encounter today stir in you, and what that might say about interaction with your environment.

Those born with the Sun at 27 Cancer: Your year is wide open before you, but you would be wise to subtly arrange efforts and events so that they support your highest priorities, goals, and those relationships and causes you are willing to dedicate your life energy to; anything less won’t bring a lasting, or meaningful, result. Happy Birthday, Cancer!