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Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice

Crosby, Stills, and Nash

The AstroEssence: I know! I can seem very negative–but then, you shouldn’t bother reading my assessments of the daily influences if you only want the sunny side of things, or if you think only some parts of life are ‘spiritual’, and others not–we have an intangible essence (the Soul, if you will) that’s having a material experience–how can everything we do not be a reflection of the spirit? And that’s my lead-in to today’s perfecting aspect set, which consistently warns us against our own destructive, rebellious, erratic, impulsive, ego-centered, negative impulses (whew!). Within we feel the urge toward empowerment, toward making our mark, having our say, expressing ourselves, but it goes awry; it seems the most easily shifted, independent urges within us are front and center in a way that sees spirit, mind, and heart suffering as we set out to express and end up rebelling, destroying, or just plain insisting things must be done our way. Thoughts may foster acting from wounds, in retaliation or response, and relationships shake our power foundations, not actually threatening them so much as making us question them–and really, today, it is our own mind, rather than circumstances or others, doing a number on us. Be willing to adjust: thinking, to what we know to be wise–we know what’s smart, it’s a matter of letting go of our contrariness long enough to follow that wisdom–as well as be willing to confront those things that we are choosing that are detrimental to our well-being, and to mellow what are inclined to be knee-jerk actions or responses into something a little more impersonal–again, the smart thing to do, say, or be is known, we just have to do it. And don’t worry; by tomorrow attitudes will become much more grounded, and restraint will allow us to give positive form to our actions, choices, and Will (Hygeia sq Pluto and contra-parallel Uranus, Mars sesq Uranus, Venus semi-sq Juno, Merc contra-parallel Chiron and qnx Pallas)

Today’s word image is the empty lot in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle where Neptune Coffee used to be. A gas explosion in March of this year destroyed a handful of businesses and blew out windows in a two block radius; the Neptune was leveled. Luckily it happened in the early morning hours when the fewest number of people were in what is usually a heavily trafficked area, and there were no fatalities, only minor injuries. But, walking by the empty lot can be haunting, and it brings to mind this: what good thing in your life has been wiped out or removed in a shocking way, and it’s been long enough that the hole it left now just seems like part of the landscape? We can learn to live with anything; the trick is not letting awareness of what we’ve lost slip away.

No plague doctors for you this year, Leo! Paul Fürst 1656 {{PD}}

No plague doctors for you this year, Leo! Paul Fürst 1656 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 1 Virgo: health is at the core of all you attend to this year, Leo: physical well-being, financial, emotional, spiritual, all areas of life are vetted for balance, vigor, and sustainability. Some hints on making the most of things: don’t let your imagination fill in the blanks–stick to facts and realities; make sure the emotional perceptions receive attention, with an emphasis on security and comfort–this is important, as the emotions will, temporarily, drive the life direction; and don’t allow your instincts and inner knowledge to be drowned out by the social sphere. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!