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'The Lantern Bearers' Maxfield Parrish 1910 {{PD}}

‘The Lantern Bearers’ Maxfield Parrish 1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We may be tempted to let our values and priorities slide, to set ourselves at odds with the social sphere, or to ignore the potential for wounding others within relationships, just to make things happen; the smart thing would be to reassess our values, if they’re getting in the way of growth, expansion, or ‘the facts’, to remember/ reconnect with Nature and our place in it, and to stop ignoring those realities that don’t serve our current idea of who we are–with this latter, deal with what’s been denied so that it no longer contradicts the Self-image. If we’re not honest with ourselves, it’s impossible to have ‘clean’ relationships or to teach, advise, or to interact with enough Self-awareness that everything we say doesn’t contain a touch of irony to those who are more awake. We have the chance to manifest our Will at this time, to apply the control, the restraint, and the ‘rules’ of reality to manipulate the physical world so that it is an exact realization of our wants and intents–don’t blow it by denying ambitions or desires (out of false modesty or a reluctance to claim those wants as your own–see the ‘Self-image’ section, above), and don’t think that things can be ‘thought’ into being–today is about action, choice, Self-responsibility, and knowing (and proudly claiming) your essence (Pallas sesq Vesta and qnx Jupiter, Mars conj Saturn, Venus contra-parallel Juno and opp Chiron, Merc contra-parallel Ceres, Sun contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith and semi-sq Zeus)

Today’s word image is a sponge. As if that isn’t obvious! There are areas of life for all of us where our boundaries are down, and we are wont to absorb the environment and the associated influences indiscriminately. My thought is that this area of both trust and vulnerability may be located in matters of the House that holds Pisces (I confine it to the sign, as where Neptune sits we are often more conscious of issues of faith, acceptance, and a tendency to accept influences). Consider in what life areas you may be too prone to accept what you’re told, offered, or that you experience without the needed critical assessment and the deployment of a discerning perception (both related to opposing sign Virgo). You may need to ‘wring out’ the sponge, relieving yourself of burdens and ideas accepted without much inspection–or you may simply need to note where you have uncritically taken for granted the truth of things, and perhaps look at how much of this agrees/ clashes with what you believe, and what you think, need, and feel.

Oda Krohg - 'A Japanese Lantern' 1886 {{PD}}

Oda Krohg – ‘A Japanese Lantern’ 1886 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 2 Virgo: you may have the odd sensation this year, Virgo, that your fate and future are rushing toward you–which may make the inability to see clearly what’s coming all the more frustrating. It may be a year when sights are set on ambitions, goals, and the desire nature, but when not much happens in fulfilling those areas, as energy will shortly go toward emotional conflict, and the need to work out with others how much of that feeling nature you are willing to share, and how much you must keep for yourself, in order to fuel the push toward creating what you want–because if the emotions are sent too completely in one direction or another, developments in what you aim to create will go slowly, sporadically, or grind to a halt. You duty is to allocate emotional energy in the correct proportion between relationships and your own needs–everything else this year is small stuff. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!