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John Bauer - Bland tomtar och troll, 1915 {{PD}}

John Bauer – Bland tomtar och troll, 1915 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: The mental faculties have a genius for finding and exploiting empowerment situations; it’s almost as if we think about having an impact and we do! This facility is tempered by a lot of conditions and caveats, though: we may be confused or following a deception or illusion if the areas involved are ones we’ve been angry over or have assiduously ignored or been in denial of; we may find ourselves thinking from a stance of past values, rather than current ones; we may imagine we’re fueled by a righteous cause or spiritual necessity when we’re really trying to show our independence in relationship or finances, hoping to gently ‘stick it’ to someone we suspect (yes, it’s easy to be paranoid, right now) doesn’t love or respect us; and we may eschew what and who we care about out of a misguided idea that others are not being honest with us. As much as possible, stay grounded in your current ideas, viewpoints, ways of perceiving, and your most evolved way of seeing the past–we must work to keep our own hidden beliefs and prejudices from coloring our current perceptions, and especially from allowing vague suspicions to taint perfectly good relationships (Vesta trine SN, Neptune trine and Venus semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Uranus parallel and Venus qnx Pallas, Venus trine Sedna, Merc nov Juno and contra-parallel Venus)

Today’s word image is individuals, seen at a distance, helping each other scale a mountain. Right now many of us may be dealing with issues surrounding how much we need or want others in our lives; we try to measure our own need for aid, possibly with the built-in judgment that to accept or require assistance from others is bad. Nothing could be less true: a version of cooperation is the heart of civilization, and needed for everything from survival to creating Art (for if we make it, what does it matter, unless there’s someone to receive it?) See if you carry some judgment against working with others, seated in misplaced pride, unreal pressures and expectations, or in the myth of ‘rugged individualism’–and then let it go.

Vincent van Gogh - 'Enclosed Field with Ploughman' 1888 {{PD}}

Virgo can make significant progress right now, especially in terms of the ‘power harvest’ that lies just upon the horizon. Vincent van Gogh – ‘Enclosed Field with Ploughman’ 1888 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 4 Virgo: this year, through to your next birthday, you may be dealing with important crises in Love or Money–and yet, if you’ll take a step back, you’ll see that they aren’t problems, but turning points, ones that will allow you to align the real-world issues surrounding assets and interactions in a way much more in line with what you need and want, and how you truly feel. You may think yourself a little cold, taking a largely mental approach to these matters, but the reality is that applying your own critical assessments to these areas will vastly improve them–and open the way for the ‘power position’ that you are very close to achieving. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

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