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"Ryu sho ten" or "Ryu shoten" ("Dragon rising to the heavens"), a ukiyo-e print from Ogata Gekko's Views of Mt. Fuji, showing a dragon rising out of smoke near Mt. Fuji, ascending towards the sky. Attribution: Adam Cuerden, for re-touched photo of a public domain work.

“Ryu sho ten” or “Ryu shoten” (“Dragon rising to the heavens”), a ukiyo-e print from Ogata Gekko’s Views of Mt. Fuji, showing a dragon rising out of smoke near Mt. Fuji, ascending towards the sky. Attribution: Adam Cuerden, for re-touched photo of a public domain work.

The AstroEssence: A great deal of the free-floating angst we’ve been experiencing may come down to a pair of Mars contacts this week: yesterday’s perfection of Mars conjoined Saturn, and today’s perfection of Mars square Neptune. This combination urges us to apply our Will to the physical environment–and promises at least some ability to shape our reality, as long as we don’t succumb to confusion, illusion, deception, or that particular form of imagination that we turn against ourselves, causing panic, fear, even despair, conjuring upset (and so paralysis) out of thin air. This is in part why I urged action and confidence yesterday, as soon enough we would face a Neptunian doubt or three, imagined dragons menacing our way forward. Today’s mission is clear: continue forward with what you set in motion, and instead of entertaining hesitations, actively access creativity, especially when confronted with something that brings forward fear. Tackle problems and invent, envision, and then act on those inspirations; doing so combines the required active stance with a useful channeling of energies that might otherwise feed insecurities. And don’t be surprised if creative efforts either run into problems on first look, or arise from problems (the square); in either case, it’s our response that both matters, and determines our success, with results coming clear most likely when Saturn squares Neptune, perfecting September 3rd.

We also see these familiar themes still front-and-center: we have the wisdom to pursue the ‘healthy’ Path–but as always, it’s a matter of choice; wants, finances, or relationship dynamics could spur rebellion or spark unreliability as we seek (a probably unreasonable) independence from issues; and we are not thinking like the social sphere, which could emphasize our differences (with the biggest problem the potential for distraction from what really matters) (Pallas contra-parallel Hygeia, Mars sq Neptune, Venus qnx Uranus, Merc contra-parallel Jupiter)

Henri Rousseau 1897 {{PD}}

Henri Rousseau 1897 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a surge in the electrical lines leading into a house. We rely on a constant, steady stream of power, whether from the power company, our metabolism, or our psyche; when there’s a surge, the system overloads, and the contact becomes destructive. In the individual this results in manic behavior, compulsive agitation, and we lose the ability to rest, accept gaps and spaces in efforts, we lose the grace to value the element of Time (often needed for something to develop, to ripen), and we fail to value the receptive and responsive stances that are the necessary complement to action. How or where are you overloaded, and what steps may be needed to restore balance or refurbish contact, so that it’s useful, rather than destructive, once again?

A little weird fun from Imagine Dragons that isn’t so far off our feelings this week

For those born with the Sun at 3 Virgo: this coming year, Virgo, through to your next birthday, you may find yourself ever-more concerned with the power situation in your world: who holds it, how much you have, your say or lack of it over others (and theirs over you), and the influence you have in a particular area or ‘territory’ you can call your own. This may be the year when you establish yourself as an authority in some area vital to your identity; it may also, depending on your age, be the year when you find a mentor or become one yourself, and issues with your parents or over being a parent yourself may be prominent. Independence and the ability to exert your Will will be the focus; the two main caveats are: don’t focus on material results at the expense of relationships, and keep actions and choices grounded in reality–deceptions and creativity are both abundant. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!