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Monet {{PD}}

Monet {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: One reason I don’t usually single out aspects, especially ‘heavy’ ones (between slow-moving outer planets) is that they don’t happen in a vacuum; the tendency to read things separately is what makes for discordant or contradictory readings, though admittedly, it is the way to learn about contact effects. It’s not that there aren’t often opposing forces and flows in play, it’s more like without a whole picture orientation, we can’t really see how that aspect may be buffeted and shaped by the other aspects in effect–and that’s not even taking into account the way it may or may not affect the individual landscape through the natal chart.

So, we see the final perfection of the Saturn-Neptune square today, with this suggesting, in the most general terms, a culmination, ending, completion, materialization, manifestation, or boundary (though we can’t discount the possibility that Saturn in this instance simply means ‘time’, the passage of which has reached a particular point of conflict with the Neptunian factor) with a fantasy, creative idea or impulse, a deception, an illusion, a dream, or of an ideal, reached through a clash, conflict, or the advent of a contrast or pressure point that brings the problem nature of the thing into full view.

The thing is that today’s square may be a repeat of already addressed situations or problems, or may be yet another version of these energies in conflict, and so may not be recognized for what it is. Too, we may believe we know what to look for, though it often takes some hindsight to spot the actual (as in this case) impediment (Saturn) causing hesitation or denying access to the dream or ideal (Neptune); that is, we may think in the moment we know what’s stopping us, but be blind to the true cause (Neptune obscuring Saturn). This is in part an effect of that singling-out tendency: though it makes things fall into neat categories, it does not show us the full picture.

What’s the full picture for today, then? It involves thought processes that must adjust to what’s actually wise, rather than just to what we perceive as smart–and that takes a willingness to step out of the crowd, to let go of the belief that we know, and to refuse to dwell in hurt of any kind. It also asks us to see that acknowledging all parts of our life, especially those we have lately ignored or denied, is the healthiest thing we can do, as is acknowledging any anger we carry, particularly over any disrespect we feel we’ve suffered–and this last point, disrespect, must be recognized as something of a code word with some people–be sure you’ve actually been disrespected (not treated as an equal, and a human being) before you mistakenly use this word to characterize a difference of opinion, asked-for advice, or a warning, when it turns out to be other than you want to hear (Hygeia parallel Black Moon Lilith, Saturn sq Neptune, Mercury qnx Pallas, contra-parallel Jupiter, and opp Chiron)

Damian Shibniov 1906 'Versailles' {{PD}}

Damian Shibniov 1906 ‘Versailles’ {{PD}}

Today’s word image is Versailles. This could mean a lot of things, though those that stand out to me are the place as a symbol of a pinnacle of Self-indulgence as a lifestyle, and that it has a hall of mirrors–so is today’s image about (over) indulgence, or about taking a look at ourselves? Your choice.

For those born with the Sun at 18 Virgo: you may take action this year, Virgo, because of what you learn or know; this may spring out of priorities and commitments, but will be propelled by emotions, and the feeling nature will reach out periodically and re-shape the direction you’re headed. You may come across as too head-strong, too impulsive, and too much out for your own good and goals–but if you don’t do ‘it’ for yourself, who will? No guilt, no hesitation–and anybody who tries to take you there may need to step aside, at least temporarily. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

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