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Gerard ter Borch 17th century {{PD}}

Gerard ter Borch 17th century {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Relationships either encourage our healthy living and practices, or are themselves a sign of the health of our interactions; that is, if we are engaged in unhealthy relationships, we’ll see that quite clearly now. Practices that promote our well-being pay off, and we may locate financial benefits arising from precautions taken or positive steps made in the health arena. However, our thinking is in some way resistant to the influence of those in charge, those who hold authority, or to Mom, and we must be alert to the chance that this could intrude on our capacity for objectivity. Too, we may think or process info in ways that actually undermine our own power or authority–watch for that, as well–and be alert to the potential for difficulties surrounding contracts, getting needed signatures or authorizations, and ‘misunderstandings’ (deliberate or accidental) in negotiations (Venus parallel Hygeia, Mercury sesq Ceres)

Today’s word image is a beautiful plate with a series of bird figures around the edge; when the plate spins, the birds appear to take flight. Wonders small and large are everywhere–you just have to learn how to set them in motion, or think of them the ‘right’ way (applying ‘spin’ to the topic).

Sidney Hall - Urania's Mirror - Libra {{PD}} Library of Congress

Sidney Hall – Urania’s Mirror – Libra {{PD}} Library of Congress

For those born with the Sun at 6 Libra: this year you may find yourself busy collecting benefits or gaining in some way from keeping secrets, doing research, or discreetly dissecting a matter to get to what really counts, and so is valued. Addressing these likely hidden but oh-so-important issues will empower you personally, and perhaps offer a significant boost in status–but first, you must quietly and without drawing attention dig, transform, and revive what others find a mystery or underestimate the value of. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!