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Still Life with Pie, Silver Ewer and Crab by Willem Claeszoon Heda (1658) {{PD}}

Still Life with Pie, Silver Ewer and Crab by Willem Claeszoon Heda (1658) {{PD}}

The New Moon in Libra (30 September 2016 5:12 PM PDT at 8 Libra 15) calls for us to stretch our usual close 2+ or – orbs, within reason, which allows a quincunx to Neptune, a sextile to Saturn, and a semi-sextile to Venus–but then we see the very close novile to Juno–and that inspires as the key to this New Moon event. We still need to include the recent contact with Jupiter, though remembering that this ‘expansion’ or other Jupiterian experience is past, and so set the stage for the present, is vital.


What do we see at the New Moon? A beginning, naturally, one with its origins in matters of the House where the NM falls–but more than that, we see stirrings of a new version of empowerment (Juno). At the point of the New Moon we look around after those Jupiterian expansions (which include excursions into the social sphere of all stripe) and see how different our effectiveness landscape, our ability to affect things, our status, really is now; we see, in relatively mild terms (the semi-sextile) how we may benefit, profit, or gain (including through new contacts and relationships) in the ‘new’ reality picture (Saturn), and this comes in the form of something we have created, imagined, or that we find has formed closer to our ideals (quincunx Neptune). We ‘wake up’, in a sense, as the New Moon sparks understanding of just how much has recently changed, and how we have created a new place for ourselves within the larger social order by changing our own circumstances or interactions (Jupiter).

The Sabian for this New Moon is, ‘Three “Old Masters” Hanging On The Wall Of A Special Room In An Art Gallery’. The image suggests the New Moon rests on old, completed works (master works, in fact) that now find a “special” place, for them to be seen and appreciated. Things we’ve done in the past, things that were handled optimally, or created at a peak of originality or mastery of technique, now become known/ seen by and to others–and what comes from this observation or awareness describes our current, new empowerment scenario, and defines our new status. We become, in essence, ‘New Old Masters’, showing what we have created, with our past choices hinting at what we will become.

See some ‘New Old Masters’ here–make sure you see the pics in the gallery at the end of the story