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'Midsummer Sun' Carroll Jones III 1984 CC BY-SA 4.0

‘Midsummer Sun’ Carroll Jones III 1984 CC BY-SA 4.0

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The AstroEssence: Both preceding and following the New Moon in Libra, the rest of the 30th of September plays like a discovery of, or preparation for, New Moon shifts–and most of them will be positively productive, if not downright joyful. We’ll feel strong and confident in ourselves and our role, so that action and choice are swift and sure. We know who we are in that most important sense of knowing our status in all situations–and that just naturally leads to putting our attention in the ‘right’ place, and of course, effort follows attention. The mind is balanced, focused on perceptions of Truth, and yet it’s smart to bounce ideas off trusted others–they offer a perspective that’s just slightly different than our own, preventing blind spots (this is necessary because our position within a situation may cut us off temporarily from our instincts). Right now the input of others will often provide a spark that makes the whole picture fall together. The only upset may come from the social sphere, which may offer, even press on the individual, unwise or impractical options. For a few of the truly misguided, the facts may rear their ugly heads and reveal that beliefs were based more on myth than reality, signalling a time to embrace what’s really smart, after all (Sun nov Juno, Juno contra-parallel Sedna, Jupiter sesq Pallas, Mars trine Ceres, Merc nov Hygeia)

There is a Fist of God formed by two bodies that make major aspects to the New Moon, Saturn and Neptune, with apex of Vesta, which does not=this suggests that any clash between the reality picture and the creative urge (or obstacles to forward progress and ideals, or any other Saturn-Neppy combo you like) will result in real strain to the priorities and those matters you hold sacred, to include the home, the mate, and those causes to which you’re dedicated. It’s not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind in the wake of New Moon developments, as the stress won’t come directly from the NM events, but from the way they create tension between our reality, our frustrations, and our ideals, spirituality, and creative urge.

Please enjoy this from Robin at Robin’s Window–

Today’s word image is the threshold of a door. We have some idea of thresholds as demarcating more than just the point when one passes from inside to outside or the other way around; we see them as marking major shifts (like the old tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold), as a point representative of or marking personal power or ‘territory’ (as in so many stories, where some supernatural entity cannot cross without being invited), we look at opportunities or options in life as doors (and claim that when one closes another mode of ingress must appear). And, when we speak of being on the threshold of something, we are talking about a major shift or change, one that signifies a huge step forward. So the question becomes, are you poised on a threshold, ready to enter something big and new, or are you inside, needing to defend your territory from someone that wants to intrude?

For those born with the Sun at 8 Libra: you’re in a kind of personal spring this year, Libra, one that promises as much renewal and regeneration as you need; the tough part is, you may not feel you need that many do-overs! This much regeneration may feel a little like destruction, as if the chaos is pointless–but you would be smart to recognize that, at least in this regard, the Universe knows more than you do–trust it to remove what’s no longer needed, and to prepare the way for what’s new. Be willing to make adjustments, use your creativity wisely, and a lot will change for the better by your next birthday. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!