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Jesus, relaxing with a little geometry. Unknown Miniaturist, French (active around 1250) {{PD}}

Jesus, relaxing with a little geometry. Unknown Miniaturist, French (active around 1250) {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: As much difficulty as we had tuning in to our instincts and values yesterday, we find an opposite effect today: it’s easy to follow inner prompts and keep efforts aligned with priorities. Past hurts offer wisdom, as does our active and well-honed intuition. We find an ‘inner compass’ that guides us, and which is effortlessly translated by the mind into thoughts; the only issue comes from our own slightly skewed vision of our direction in life–somehow this doesn’t match the actual direction we’re headed. Use this time of potential clear sight in order to adjust your efforts so they actually lead you where you want to go (Vesta sxt Sedna, Chiron parallel Pallas, Mercury sxt Vesta and trine Sedna, Earth trine Saturn and qnx NN)

Today’s word image is a boiling kettle. We’re ready to brew something up–what will it be? This tells us elements are at peak for combining with a creative idea or approach. Wait no longer. Disclaimer: personal results or readiness, influenced by transits to the natal chart, may vary.

For those born with the Sun at 12 Libra: You’re reaching a kind of personal peak, Libra, that will call for adjustment to the way you think about the past (in large part, seeing it more clearly, and so freeing you from it), and these changes will, soon enough, require some serious commitment and even more serious housecleaning, in the sense of removing from your life what is no longer dynamic or valid, and renewing and refreshing that which should remain. I know that’s terribly vague, but it needs to be, as this is a sweeping prescription for re-making the life. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!