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John Singer Sargent - 'Villa di Marlia, Lucca' 1910 {{PD}}

John Singer Sargent – ‘Villa di Marlia, Lucca’ 1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Why does it feel like the social sphere, or even the bald facts of the matter, are cheering us on to do something we feel deep inside is just unwise, impractical, foolish? It may be a combination of our own sense of not trusting ourselves to choose correctly, melded with past choices we know aren’t right for now, but which are very seductive, because of the way they worked then. Resisting our own instincts isn’t exactly new, but we should do our best to notice just how much of this discord and rebelliousness is triggered by a desire to feel ourselves smarter than the prevailing norm. Prove you really are smarter than external influences by listening to your inner voice, rather than the cacophony without (Jupiter contra-parallel Pallas and Mars semi-sq it, Venus trine the SN, Sun sesq Sedna)

'Still Life with Roses' Ferenc Olgyay 1939 {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Roses’ Ferenc Olgyay 1939 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a crystal vase. Is that for you a symbol of decadence or beauty? Does the vase you imagine reflect the carving and flourishes of old world tastes or is it sleek and modern? When you think of a vase is it simply utilitarian, or is it a decorative item you want to show off? Whatever comes to mind, think of this symbol as speaking of your attitude toward the ‘finer things’ in life. Do you see luxuries and Art as a wonderful part of life, or an indulgent waste of resources? How you react may reveal deep feelings and assumptions about privilege, and even though you may think you’re assessing material things, they act as mirrors, so you may want to examine whether that’s the ‘message’ you want to give the Universe about your own Self-judgments and deservedness.

For those born with the Sun at 11 Libra: I’ll put it this way, Libra: emotions and emotional reactions, along with feeling experiences from the past, hold the keys to dealing effectively with the coming year. It’s all about wading willingly, even eagerly, into deep emotional waters. Don’t hesitate! The other thing to watch out for? Keep a firm grip on the reality picture, and keep up with material matters that require your attention–they must run smoothly to leave you energy for the many emotional revelations and payoffs you’ll be in the running for. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!