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Paul Klee, Red Balloon (Roter Ballon), 1922 {{PD}}

Paul Klee, Red Balloon (Roter Ballon), 1922 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: There’s a kind of serious expansion slated for today, one that offers an ingenious and creative way to get more Love or Money, or to make outreach, especially in relationships, effective and beneficial. It involves widening the life area addressed or beliefs stated through interaction or partnership (Jupiter in Libra)–that is, acting to broaden understanding or engaging in activity in an area you want to see grow, and doing it most successfully in the company of others. This happens by getting to the truth, examining what’s hidden or secret (‘digging up the dirt’), or by transforming assets, either so that they take a new form (we do this when we spend money, are paid for expressing our talents, or by taking paint to canvas–to site only three examples of many–Venus in Scorpio), or so that they ‘pay off’–so, offer more than the sum of their parts. It’s a great day for expressing your talents; if this doesn’t go over well, it’s either that you failed to bring others on board by being inclusive enough (it’s not show and tell, it’s acting together), failed to display a necessary optimism, or that what you’re displaying isn’t really one of your talents–a bitter pill to swallow, and yet isn’t it so much more productive to put your efforts behind what you’re truly good at? That leaves you ready to excel in some other way (Venus nov Jupiter)

Today’s word image is a sinkhole. We behave as if these appear out of nowhere, a true mystery, but the reality is we know what causes them: removing too much water from underground relative to what’s natural for the area. As a symbol, this suggests being too stringent in one life area, whether that’s drawing too much on Willpower to get through the day (which is like a forced energy withdrawal from your physical ‘bank’, one it’s very hard to make up), or putting oneself in life circumstances that are draining emotionally (the water, the removal of which makes the problem), or driving hard into some area where one hopes to achieve, to the point of losing some sustaining form of support (in this image, the very ground beneath our feet). Where are you overdoing, and in the process inadvertently removing something vital?

Sculpture Partner by Charlotte Seidl was created in 2006 Herzi Pinki - Own work CC BY-SA 4.0

Sculpture Partner by Charlotte Seidl was created in 2006 Herzi Pinki – Own work CC BY-SA 4.0

For those born with the Sun at 14 Libra: This is a reckoning year for you, Libra; you will deal with all those hidden attitudes you carry toward power, will have to admit your own need for it, desire for it, find a place for it in your world, and you’ll be forced (if you don’t do so willingly) to eliminate all that is outmoded, destructive, or that keeps you from ‘marriage’ with that strong and beautiful part of your spirit, the part that must be expressed. Handled well, you’ll find at some point before your next birthday that you have become more yourself, and more responsible for and responsive to yourself, than ever before. Handled poorly, the year could be hard on you. Please don’t fight the change that’s coming–no matter how you see it now, it’s change that will bring your best Self forward–and that’s a really good thing. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!