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You remember this, right? The Mock Battle between the Weaver's and Dyer's Guilds on the Arno in Florence on 25 July 1619 {{PD}}

You remember this, right? The Mock Battle between the Weaver’s and Dyer’s Guilds on the Arno in Florence on 25 July 1619 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Oh, I hope it doesn’t shake out like this: where power and authority in all forms resists wisdom and practicality (the latter two a Self-declared state). The power side may present the current situation as a ‘now and forever’ sort of arrangement, set in stone, while the wisdom side of things may be a little too smug in its assessment of itself as diplomatic and fair, sure that it can ‘sweet talk’ authorities, distorting what’s wise in favor of what is desired; that is, neither side will be looking at things in a truly realistic light. To pretend that what exists now or what rules are in place will never change is madness–but so is the idea that if you just say it nicely, everyone must do as you want! To believe one can out-think or out-maneuver the powers that be is pure hubris, as is the idea that false modesty or words of cooperation somehow buy one carte blanche, and stonewalling those who seek smart change is unreasonablebossiness and stubbornness are just what they are, whether they’re dressed up in diplomacy or justified with regulations. What we all have to do is admit that power (which is nothing more than being effective within one’s own life) is on our minds; everyone in denial of this will encounter a variety of obstacles, a rough social milieu, and/ or risk having something secret or enraging exposed. Those who accept their need for power take the first step toward (relatively speaking) control of reality. An even better approach: refuse to break everything down into dualities–that’s how this whole split-vision got started in the first place (Pallas contra-parallel Ceres, Saturn sq the Nodes, Merc enters Libra and perfects contra-parallel Jupiter, qnx Ceres, semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Pluto sq the Sun-Earth axis)

Salmon Fishing on the 'Faskally Water' from Ernest E. Briggs, (1908) Angling and Art in Scotland {{PD}}

Salmon Fishing on the ‘Faskally Water’ from Ernest E. Briggs, (1908) Angling and Art in Scotland {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a man fly-fishing in a shallow, quick-moving mountain river. Does this create personal associations for you? If so, go with those. For everyone else, we might consider that we’re seeking something in a place where it logically will be found, but that is, in one sense or another, ‘shallow’, possibly in an emotional sense, or in emotional reaction to a spiritual reality (the fish). The scenario is one where expectations may be fulfilled (the catching of fish) but where the satisfaction may not be as deep or lasting (the fast-moving, shallow waters) as we might hope, and this may apply as much to our own feelings as to any external result we encounter. Another alternative may be that we get what we’re fishing for, from a place we may have discounted as ‘shallow’ and so believed was not capable of offering what, in the end, we actually did get from it.

For those born with the Sun at 15 Libra: You may feel the stirrings of ambitions and dreams this year, Libra, and begin to position yourself to make them come true; the biggest obstacle, though, may be your worries about how pursuing ambitions will affect relationships, values, and the state of the finances. The reality is that, if it’s important to you to pursue this, relationships will either adapt or fall by the wayside, finances will work out, and values will be shown for what they are–and with that last, if you’re trying to preserve an image you show others, one that makes a values statement, and you’re worried about losing it, that alone should tell you that the image doesn’t serve who you really are or what you truly value–so is best let go of, anyway. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!