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Le Pont de l'Europe (1876) Gustave Caillebotte {{PD}}

Le Pont de l’Europe (1876) Gustave Caillebotte {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Our focus is on our own ambitions and desires; the identity and Soul intent is also aligned with our wants, and this makes for the ability to get what we are seeking in short order. Thinking and planning are inspired by those matters that previously we ignored, were in denial of, or that enraged us–somehow they show us things from a new angle when re-examined–and that helps us align our goals and desires with authorities who can help or with our own best expressions of power–and that makes it all happen. It’s a day for ambition fulfillment, no question–though if things aren’t lining up and materializing as you’d like, it may be because you’re not sufficiently Self-responsible, doing all you can to maximize this highly positive effect (Mercury nov Black Moon Lilith and parallel Ceres, Sun conjoined and parallel Zeus)

'A Cup of Tea' Lilla Cabot Perry {{PD}}

‘A Cup of Tea’ Lilla Cabot Perry {{PD}}

Today’s word image is the discovery upon filling that a beautiful tea pot is laced with cracks.What’s your immediate reaction to this? Are you angry, sad that the piece has been spoiled, do you want to dash it to bits as useless, or carefully break it for a mosaic, plant it with herbs, keep your pennies there, use it as part of a fountain, or make a tiny birdhouse out of it? This is about viewpoint, and giving things a second life, or a usefulness, beyond the initial intention for them–it requires a willingness to allow something (or even someone) a role for which they weren’t necessarily originally intended.

For those born with the Sun at 18 Libra: You’ve recently transcended some ambition or desire, either achieving your goals or finding them no longer to your liking, and now you may be wondering, What’s next? It appears that what may come next is healing, a slow accretion of experiences the ultimate result of which is spiritual wholeness. That’s pretty good–plus, when that spiritual healing is complete, you may be rewarded with a little Love, Money, or Power. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!

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