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"Canaries" Albert Joseph Moore c1880 {{PD}}

“Canaries” Albert Joseph Moore c1880 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: It’s big ideas and inspired action if you’re acting from healed sensibilities and not reacting out of rebellious or separatist sentiments; if pique or contrariness are what drives you, you may end up with bloated plans and unrealistic ideas of what to do to make them happen–so a disaster all around. Hint to handle things: pay attention to what’s obviously smart, which will likely be right in front of you, and don’t rely upon instincts at this point–they may be muddled or masked, not offering the clarity you need–tune in to reality, through an optimistic lens, instead (Mercury conj Jupiter, Mars sxt Neptune, Sun trine Pallas and contra-parallel Sedna, Venus qnx Uranus, semi-sq Jupiter, and trine Chiron)

Today’s word image is one of those old wax ‘records’ that first recorded sound. Phonograph cylinders were delicate, sometimes wearing out in as few as twenty playings. You may be dealing with ‘early impressions’ of something; the question may be, are those impressions worn out, in need of a fresh take? Or is this a prompt to be extra careful with that memory, making sure you do nothing in the present to ruin it?

For those born with the Sun at 19 Libra: You may start the year with a certain emotional harmony that could make you overconfident, in the sense that the unexpected could overtake you before you realize it’s even possible. That’s not to frighten you, Libra, but to remind you that to expect to glide along isn’t realistic; instead, be ever-willing to adjust in order to heal–if you do you’ll be in a really good place by your next birthday. Good luck, and Happy Birthday, Libra!