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John William Waterhouse - Circe, 1911 {{PD}}

John William Waterhouse – Circe, 1911 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Is it relationships and their demands that challenge your realization of the dream, or is it finances, or assets, or lacking the cooperation of others that’s preventing you creating what you want? Here’s a thought: if you think something is standing in your way, it’s not. It may look solid, like a true and insurmountable obstacle, an obligation or duty that pulls all your sugar over to someone else’s cause, leaving you too exhausted to go after what you say you want, but it’s almost a given that you haven’t even tried to climb over it, go around it, or punch through that paper tiger, to get to your goal. Here’s another thought: maybe you’re just saying you want it, rather than really wanting it. I’m not trying to disparage anyone, or anyone’s dreams, I’m only saying that sometimes we have very good reasons, ones we just don’t acknowledge, for not going toward that thing we like to think we want–we instead tell ourselves what’s stopping us is out there, and how sad that we’ll never have what we desire–it’s a way to celebrate an image of ourselves we’ll never have to live up to–but that’s a little too close to pretending we are victims, rather than seeing that there’s some part of this equation we’re not admitting to–and it’s important for our own sake that we divine what we may be hiding from, avoiding knowing, ignoring, or so angry about that we’re actually sabotaging ourselves.

These same influences could also show us the worthless nature of a fantasy or idealized vision, with the likely impetus to the big reveal a need to change how we think about our values and priorities, along with a need to finally acknowledge something we’ve been avoiding. It may be very difficult, but today we see in what way we’re cheating our own dream, keeping ourselves from fulfillment, and in the process holding back from the world the very thing we came here to give (Venus sq Neptune, Mercury sq Vesta, Sun parallel Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is paperwork not filled out. There’s something you need to actively participate in, commit to, or put your John Hancock to that you’ve been putting off. It’s time to make at least one commitment that benefits yourself, and to make that promise visible to others (the symbol of the paperwork), no matter how small.

We’re at one of those awkward points when the Sun ‘straddles’ the day; see yesterday’s birthday look ahead for those with the Sun at 2 Scorpio, and tomorrow’s outlook for the Sun at 3 Scorpio.