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By Martin Brandenburg 'Elfenreigen', um 1906/09 {{PD}}

By Martin Brandenburg ‘Elfenreigen’, um 1906/09 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: A positive attitude draws serendipitous conditions and events; even the crabby and negative among us get a break. It’s as if values and commitments automatically shape the Path, relationships and financial responsibility influence the social role and efforts at gaining knowledge and at expansion attempts, and awareness guides materialization; what we think about appears around us. Obviously, the extent of reward or success we achieve is based on our outlook and intentions, corresponding to how much energy we put into the positive (and of course, those who dwell on the negative pull in a corresponding energy, as well). This is a normal operation of energy amplified; we have the chance to see very clearly our actual approach to life and the results we can expect from it. The ability to persuade ourselves we’re being effective is removed, replaced by real evidence of what we’re putting out there, what we’re drawing in (Vesta nov NN, Venus sxt Jupiter and nov Mars, Merc and the Sun nov Saturn, just ahead of the Superior Conjunction of the 27th)

James Ward - 'A Bat' undated {{PD}}

James Ward – ‘A Bat’ undated {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a bat. We mostly have an aversion to these squishy-faced, eerie-winged creatures, associating them with what’s frightening and dark, with vampires and the Underworld. The reality is most of them eat fruit and bugs, and play an important part in the ecosystem. What in our lives are we demonizing that we should actually be thankful for? Inspect assumptions and attitudes, and re-tool them for a more realistic appraisal of what’s around you; recognition that everything has a value goes a long way toward removing unwarranted prejudices.

For those born with the Sun at 3 Scorpio: Health issues seem like something that can be kicked down the road and attended to later, but you’d be smart to look into them now. The body and Beingness needs your attention; it’s the right time to deal with old injuries, with preventative measures, and with clearing the mental and emotional slates. Taking a stance of accountability puts you in a great position to go forward in future, undistracted by personal matters, making a significant impact when you do. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!