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'Clouds over the sea' 1889 Ivan Aivazovsky {{PD}}

‘Clouds over the sea’ 1889 Ivan Aivazovsky {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: What is it about the past that we just don’t see clearly? Or is it that we’re prone to idealize memories, applying a current wishful thinking to what was, in a form of nostalgia that wants to turn ‘now’ into ‘then’–but an inaccurate ‘then’, at that! Dreams formed long ago can come to fruition right now–the question is, do we want them to? We act and are inspired along lines that are in our own best interests, and yet, if we harbor any resentments or distorted ideas of power or authorities, we are likely to perceive even what’s good for us as tainted. In order to make the most of this, we’ll need to distrust our judgments of those we see as having power over us, and trust our instincts, rather than our thoughts (Neptune conj SN, Uranus sxt and Venus semi-sq Pallas, Mars parallel Hygeia, Merc sesq Ceres, Sun opp Sedna)

'Young Peasant (Melon-eater)' Sándor Bihari {{PD}}

‘Young Peasant (Melon-eater)’ Sándor Bihari {{PD}}

Today’s word image is hunger. We all have it, and as humans we tend to supplant our genuine hunger with lots of other, more easily accessible small ones, in an attempt to satiate the gnawing urge–but only addressing the true want ever helps. Our hunger is part of our purpose, in fact it’s meant to drive us toward fulfilling the Soul’s intent; in that way, we are given an unerring guide to our life’s direction–it’s in the translation that we so often fall down. As today’s symbol, hunger suggests we practice being mindful of our motivations, of what we feel compelled toward, and of what we take in. The more clarity we have on our hunger, the more effective and satisfying our actions and choices.

For those born with the Sun at 25 Scorpio: You may find this year, through to your next birthday, you are repeatedly confronted with the task of discerning your instincts from those things that cloud the perceptual abilities: feelings, thoughts, knowledge. This testing and refining is in service to changes you will be making to the personality and the way you meet the world; by this Solar year’s end, you’ll be wanting to present yourself as a whole new person, and careful application of your attention to recognizing and honing the instincts will give the ‘New You’ a very successful launch. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!