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Ricard Canals - 'In the Bar' c1910 {{PD}}

Ricard Canals – ‘In the Bar’ c1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: If all the bodies perfecting aspects today were gathered in a bar (you know, if they were people), there would be friction, and maybe a fist fight, in no time. The biggest problem is that, in all the umbrage-taking and nit-picky thinking, we’ve forgotten what really matters, what are our highest values, and what we’re actually planning to dedicate our energies to–instead it all gets siphoned off by concentrating on how we’ve been wronged, what the other guy did that justifies our rage, and in our contempt for others’ unbridled wants. Am I saying we don’t have legitimate concerns and gripes? Not at all, we absolutely do. It’s the fact that that’s where our attention is staying that’s causing problems. And in our fictional, planetary bar scene, we’ve got plenty of hair-trigger, offense-taking, unhealthy attitudes to go around; try as we might, we’re probably going to have issues today, due largely to our own volatile attitudes. Hints toward handling it all: don’t walk around thinking others owe you recognition and admission of their darkness, and don’t put too much stock in what flies out of anyone’s mouth, including your own (Juno semi-sq Zeus, Mars semi-sq Chiron, Venus semi-sq Black Moon Lilith and Hygeia, Merc sesq Uranus, Sun contra-parallel Vesta)

Today’s word image is a dropped coin, which rolls right off the curb and into the sewer drain. In the current climate, we’ve all lost something; accept it, and then vow to get a better grasp on, and control over, what matters to you (allow this symbol as well to bring an examination of exactly how and where your assets are currently being deployed).

For those born with the Sun at 24 Scorpio: It seems to you as if others are truly suffering from what they aren’t aware of or don’t know, but the blind spot is actually within your own perceptions; your conviction that it’s somebody else’s flaw is what’s keeping you from seeing what’s not working, and how to move forward. Get a really good mirror, human or otherwise, and believe what they reflect back to you about who you are–then dig deep to fix it. Humility will make all the difference, and will in actuality be the foundation for your next major, and destined to be impressive, achievement. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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'Nighthawks' Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

‘Nighthawks’ Edward Hopper 1942 {{PD}}

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