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Eugène von Guérard. 'Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand' 1877 - 1879 {{PD}}

Eugène von Guérard. ‘Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw, Middle Island, New Zealand’ 1877 – 1879 {{PD}}

The 19th, Saturday’s AstroEssence: Dreams of Love or Money can come true, but the effect will be monumental if they do: they will create massive, serious, permanent change to the reality picture, and they will in some important way spring from or re-create the past (or, possibly, something done in the past will now present the bill). We act in accord with our essence, our Soul’s intents, and that may disabuse us of some of our illusions about ourselves, even as it gives power to our choices; the distance between what’s healthy and what’s smart illustrates that discrepancy between Self-image and reality–and no matter how it feels, it’s always for the good to see things a little more clearly–and thanks to the direction of Neptune, we are likely to get that clarity, along with a dose of inspiration or creative energy freed up from its previous static position (Saturn parallel Pluto, Venus sxt Neptune and SN, Sun parallel Mars, Pallas sq Hygeia, Neptune stations direct at 9 Pisces 14)

Pharmacists's set with pill tubes in the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Lord Toran CC0

Pharmacists’s set with pill tubes in the Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum, Amsterdam. Photo by Lord Toran CC0

Today’s word image is a pill. Though taking a pill has an undeniable effect on our biology, we invest pills with an almost magical ability to ‘fix’ what’s wrong; we seek an easy way when we say, ‘Isn’t there a pill for that?’ and we talk about individuals having to ‘take their medicine’ when forced to accept what’s needed in some area or way. There’s no magic pill, but there is something to be gained if we’re willing to accept, take in, absorb, or allow to work some offered solution or way of being in our lives right now. Though this won’t always be the answer, it is right now–it’s a matter of timing.

If you’re born with the Sun at 27 Scorpio, please see yesterday’s forecast; for those born with the Sun at 28 Scorpio: You’re headed toward an important empowerment scenario, one that could shape your fate, but you’re not there yet; first you have to get your priorities straight, invest in relationships, and, late in the coming Solar year, right before your next birthday, deal with emotional upsets that have been roiling beneath the surface. You’ll get a lot of assistance from elements of the past: friends and lovers, creative endeavors, memories from which you learned so much. You’ll likely find that power comes from one of two sources: it’s offered by the group, or appears in surprising or unexpected forms. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

Paul Ranson. Apple Tree with Red Fruit, (c.1902) {{PD}}

Paul Ranson. Apple Tree with Red Fruit, (c.1902) {{PD}}

The 20th, Sunday’s AstroEssence: We see how healthy (or not) the power positions that surround us really are, how well others are handling their responsibilities or wielding their authority, and we adjust our own situation so that it at least feels better, more productive, so that it seems more within our purview is truly under our control. We’ll be able to ‘smell’ what’s not right in relationships or financial scenarios, and if we’ll allow it, our instincts will tell us how to manage things. The spotlight is on ambitions and desires; you’ll see quite clearly exactly what others want–just remember, others can see that with you, too (Ceres qnx Hygeia, Venus sesq Sedna, Sun nov Zeus)

'Pelicans and ducks in a mountain landscape' Adriaen Coorte 17th century {{PD}}

‘Pelican and ducks in a mountain landscape’ Adriaen Coorte 17th century {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a pelican. This bird is known for its ability to scoop fish right out of the ocean with its deep, pendulous beak. Do you think the pelican knows he’s different than most birds? Probably not. The symbol speaks of ‘being equipped to do what we need’–no more, no less–and that should reassure you, that you actually have what you need right now, it’s just up to you to use it.

For those born with the Sun at 29 Scorpio: Big change is on the horizon for you, and it won’t be easy–I’ll bet you already know what it is, or at least have an inkling–and at the same time you’ll be faced with expansion, into the Arts, by gaining or losing a partner or mate, or through cooperation with others, that widens your world and gives you a crack at new forms of expression. The past offers inspiration, or possibly confuses you, making you either a victim, or the recipient of some real opportunities, your choice. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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