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Daniel Ridgway Knight - 'The Shepherdess of Rolleboise' 1895 {{PD}}

Daniel Ridgway Knight – ‘The Shepherdess of Rolleboise’ 1895 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: The equation for today is pretty simple, if you can ever call the flow and convergence of Universal energies simple: sticking to our priorities and principles brings empowerment; actions must adjust to accommodate the direction we want to go; relationships and financial matters offer wisdom, and vice versa, our own wisdom and practicality is applied to interactions and money flow, with receptivity to what these matters are telling us resulting in some brilliant and advantageous choices; our attention shifts markedly toward gathering and disseminating information, toward reaching out, toward educating/ learning, toward gaining and expanding. We can make a great deal out of this day, if we will be at least as receptive to the messages telegraphed as we are to enacting our own Will (Vesta trine Juno, Mars qnx NN, Venus nov Pallas, the Sun enters Sagittarius and semi-sqs Jupiter)

Today’s word image is weighing yourself on the scales. Everyone has a reaction to this, but we have to remember, it’s only a number–we supply the pride, judgement, and/ or condemnation ourselves.

For those born with the Sun at 00 Sagittarius: Luck is with you this coming year, through to your next birthday, if by luck we mean opportunities, unexpected fortuitous events, and meetings that occur at just the right time–but it all depends on your willingness to be open to change, endings, and sometimes drastic revisions to what currently makes up your world. That means the trick may be to be willing to let go of both what you want to discard or change, and what you may want to hold on to. Will everything you want to retain be taken from you? No, not at all; but what has appropriately reached its end will–and new experiences and opportunities will arrive. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!