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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 'Fillette au faucon' 1879 {{PD}}

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – ‘Fillette au faucon’ 1879 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We’re willing to do the deep work, even to act against our instinct to turn away, and this willingness shines a light on our true situation in terms of power and authority, even as it shapes relationships and/ or finances, and in doing so shapes the future. ‘Shape’ might be too strong a word, really; it’s more like relationships or finances ‘pick up the vibe’ of that deep work, and this creates the kind of intangible change from which the future is formed. Flex your muscles, connect with Nature, cooperate with authorities who offer approval (this latter works out much better for us than we might see at the time) (Pluto semi-sq Hygeia, Mars sq Sedna, Venus qnx NN, Sun trine Ceres)

Icelandic Gyrfalcons by James Audubon 1838 {{PD}}

Icelandic Gyrfalcons by James Audubon 1838 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a falcon. A bird of prey must have something it’s hunting–not only is that it’s nature, it’s the way it survives. Do we condemn a falcon for being what it is? We might if we’re its prey, but really, no, we don’t. Realize that to certain others, we might seem to be human ‘birds of prey’, while to us someone else is; inevitably, it seems, to some extent everyone sees themselves as a victim. We’re not talking circle of life here, we’re talking viewpoint, and how strength in any situation is almost automatically seen as predatory by those who don’t have it, while in another situation, the assessment of who’s predator, who’s prey, may be much different.

For those born with the Sun at 21 Sagittarius: It’s all about who holds power and authority in your life right now, isn’t it? Even situations that don’t seem to involve power must be recognized as based on the current power picture, and you are primed to do it. Determining what you want to do (exercising power) and who you want to be (power over your own life) is the heart of what you’ll deal with, now through this Solar year to your next birthday. Hints to handle it well: don’t insist on being totally original–that’s a trap–and don’t hurt anybody. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

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