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Jan Brueghel the Elder, Landscape of Paradise and the Loading of the Animals in Noah’s Ark, 1596 {{PD}}

Note the pair of unicorns in the background. What happened between loading them on the ark, and now? Jan Brueghel the Elder, ‘Landscape of Paradise and the Loading of the Animals in Noah’s Ark’, 1596 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Prior to the culmination of the Moon-Earth/ Sun-Saturn opposition, we’ll likely be caught up with the power situation as it exists in our world, and particularly with two facets of it: what kind of hurt other power players or those in authority may have inflicted in the past, and how we might exploit and deploy our own urges toward gaining power via opportunities, especially in the form of satisfying appetites. Though this can prompt a little more navel-gazing and a few more vengeance fantasies than are productive, we are keyed toward obtaining power or influence within a situation only in the smartest way–and so we likely avoid indulging in anything either counter-productive or that triggers negative consequences down the road (Chiron contra-parallel Ceres, Pluto nov Pallas, Jupiter conj Zeus)

Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 4:05 PM Pacific time at 22 Gemini 25. The Mystic Rectangle of which the Full Moon is a part actually formed a couple of days ago, but the FM will probably bring the potentials initiated by formation to completion, realization, or expression–that is, something that only began to show itself or take shape just before or early in the weekend (maybe even gathering momentum out of our sight) now reaches fulfillment, becomes obvious, or concludes. The arms of the Mystic Rectangle are made up of: Moon-Earth in Gemini, Ceres-Uranus in Aries, Sun-Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter-Zeus in Libra. Active modalities are Cardinal and Mutable, Elements involved are Air and Fire, and we may have a more-than-usually high chance of the Full Moon events having a material or environmental, real-world impact, not just via the Cardinal energy, but due to the involvement of Earth, Saturn, and Ceres. Mental perceptions play a part as well, through Uranus (the intellect), Gemini, and Libra–and we may put beliefs in both the mental and emotional categories (Jupiter), with emotions a natural component of a Full Moon, which typically reveals, concludes, or completes a feeling response or emotional perception in relation to ourselves and our identity (the Sun)–but in what arena?

This little cocktail is a 'Bittersweet Symphony

This little cocktail is a ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ By Visitor7 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33142586

First though, what does a Mystic Rectangle promise? Think of it as a kind of cocktail made of energy. Each component gives us a single, unique ‘taste’, but it’s only when everything is combined in just the right amounts that it takes on a nuanced flavor that goes beyond any one ingredient. A Mystic Rectangle is the proportional ‘mix’ that creates a sum much bigger than its parts by bringing together at least four disparate but harmoniously relating energies–in this case, we have eight. These energy ‘flavors’ play off each other, acting as both receivers and catalysts, and so acting and being acted upon. Add to this the emotional and conclusive states inherent in the Full Moon, and we have something both dynamic, indicating the relationships of these bodies and the way they create something larger than they could individually, and something complete, meaning that the energy of the mix finds a final, definitive form at this point, and it’s likely something that brings an emotional perception or reality to a peak, or to an end.

Where the Full Moon falls, as well as where each of the Rectangle’s points falls, within the natal chart will tell the individual where in the life this dynamic will be in play; the general pattern, though, tells us that the synergy of the emotional impact of our surroundings and how we think of these (the Moon-Earth in Gemini) bring original or unusual individual responses that urge action and use of power, the kind that makes a statement about who we are that we want others to see or hear (Ceres-Uranus in Aries), and this statement affects our real-world situation (Sun-Saturn in Sagittarius), revealing beliefs and facts about the kind of cooperation or support we can expect in fulfilling our wants and ambitions (Jupiter-Zeus in Libra). The Full Moon shows the result of a complex interaction of the actual reality situation and our perceptions of it, especially our emotional perceptions.

There is also a quincunx of the Full Moon to Black Moon Lilith, a trine to Mars, and a square of Chiron with the Sun-Earth axis. This suggests that, though a Mystic Rectangle is a generally fortuitous configuration, implying the potential for serendipitous circumstances and ‘coincidences’ and really excellent timing of events and choices, these may come about through or are accompanied by difficulties. There is the possibility that the Full Moon brings or is followed by the uncomfortable need to examine what has been ignored, denied, or that has enraged, and this comes with both conflict over wounds inflicted and received and how they’ve shaped Self-expression and accomplishment, and creates a strong, no-holds-barred sense of needing to act, to do something about what’s perceived. That tells us that, though we may be highly conscious of and possibly actively involved with stresses at the time of the Full Moon, there will be available a set of positive synchronicities that we will most likely first become aware of through the feeling nature, and/ or through some kind of completion or ending–and if we can hook that urge to act to the symmetry of the Rectangle, we can take leaps forward in both consciousness and accomplishment.

By Alexei Savrasov - qgEUs-kiMGydOg at Google Cultural Institute, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13500799

By Alexei Savrasov – qgEUs-kiMGydOg at Google Cultural Institute, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13500799

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree’ In this symbol we have a ‘Trinity’ of something new, untested, ‘fresh’, ready (or very close to ready) to ‘leave the nest’ for the first time. This implies that whatever is completed at the Full Moon will then be ready for a ‘test flight’, to be taken out and tried in the real world. This sends us back to the point of the Rectangle that holds Jupiter-Zeus in Libra; Jupiter can represent the social order, the wider world, ‘the facts’ this world presents to us, and echoes the relation of Beliefs (Jupiter) to the spiritual number of the Trinity within the symbol. The matters of whatever House holds 18 Libra in your chart will describe where or in what capacity (what role) you will be bringing the Full Moon experience, after processing, out into the world, both to test its viability and to test its spiritual resiliency. In some way, what we are testing in the world will reflect our ambitions or wants, and we bring this forward with the goal of finding out how much support we might expect, and how these fledglings (ideas, choices, actions, creations) will affect our relationships and even our finances (Libra).

We also look to the Sabian for the Sun, as this gives us the ‘origin story’, the energy that drives the Full Moon picture. ‘A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country’. This suggests that what occurs or is accomplished at this time is something we’ve been moving toward for a long time, something we have (literally or figuratively) studied for, filed the paperwork for, uprooted ourselves for, gone on an adventure for, left behind a previous life for, and/or crossed borders or boundaries to attain. We are on the threshold of something akin to a brand new life–let’s savor it.


For those born with the Sun at 22 Sagittarius: See above; I’ve just described your year. Good luck, Sag, and Happy Birthday!

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