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Pink and Poppy Wallpaper by William Morris 1881 {{PD}}

Pink and Poppy Wallpaper by William Morris 1881 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Are we acting based on what we still carry from the past, from accumulated knowledge, or are we acting reactive to the past, in which case we’re unthinkingly playing out an old response or pattern? In either case, our reasoning lacks clarity, whether from a too-imaginative approach (which can lead to unreal expectations) or from a deluded one that fights not only the social norms but our own instincts, too, in the hope of proving an illusion is actually real. Power (which is not a dirty word–it’s just the ability to affect the environment, and to exercise dominion over yourself) is found within the values–and that means we must stop ignoring instinctive responses (normalizing the abnormal) and we must work hard to separate inspired thinking from wishful–and we do this best in two ways: acknowledging the legitimacy of everything in our world (not just the parts we like) and by keeping our eye on the consequences of our choices. If we do, we’ll deal with disparities before they become issues, and we’ll make choices that take us in the direction we want to go (provided we actually understand what our aim will bring us!) (Mars conjoins the SN, semi-sq Uranus, and sesq Jupiter, Venus sxt Ceres, Mercury sxt Neptune, sesq Sedna, contra-parallel Vesta, and semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Sun trine NN)

Aberdaron Fisherman Evan Williams, who predicted a fine summer, and was proved right. Photo by Geoff Charles -     CC0view terms     File:Aberdaron Fisherman, Evan Williams, who predicted a fine summer and was proved right. CC0

Aberdaron Fisherman Evan Williams, who predicted a fine summer, and was proved right. Photo by Geoff Charles – CC0

Today’s word image is a man, standing on the corner, shouting, “The world will never end”. Isn’t that the opposite of the old stereotype of the ragged prophet proclaiming the end of the world to all passersby? Things are upside down, right now–it’s a chance to let go not just of stereotypes, but of old patterns of thinking, assuming, and being. It’s humbling to know things are not as you thought they were–and that realization is an invitation to join the world as it is, and in doing so, make yourself relevant to it.

For those born with the Sun at 5 Capricorn: You are very much in danger of falling into old patterns, of re-enacting the past, or of assuming that having done things a certain way before means those methods will still hold today–not so. Your task this Solar year, through to your next birthday, is to tune in to the direction you want your life to take–you think you already know, but you need to examine the correlation between your actual actions and your goals–and then take full responsibility for getting yourself there. Don’t wait for others to supply the missing pieces–you may have to go out and round them up yourself. The good news is that you are more than equal to the task, with energy and a keen Self-focus that will serve you well (though it might anger those used to having you at their disposal–if it does, reconsider their place in your life, and their command of your energy). Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!