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'Pallas Athena' Franz von Stuck, 1898 {{PD}}

‘Pallas Athena’ Franz von Stuck, 1898 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Pallas enters Pisces, and we can pull wisdom from the very air,  from a whiff of the spiritual or the creative, and from an inner state of drift, daydreaming, or escape. It’s as if sleep, play, dreams, a warm bath, even the humidity levels carry the key to what’s smart, what’s practical, and it’s ours for the taking, right there in what we breathe and of what our bodies largely consist. To access it, though, we have to know how to let go of the ego, how to untether from the here and now, and how to hold on to nothing–the very opposite of our usual (and quite natural) grasp response. The usual Piscean routes are all very welcoming right now, but the Warrior Woman in this venue demands that a practical translation occur: employing our skills, we take our inspirations, our imaginings, and we create something of use from them. It may sound like an assignment, but it’s really the essence of the creative process–for why else do we have those urges, but to turn them into something that touches the world? (Mercury semi-sq Venus)

Also, taking action is easy–just make sure you look at where you’re going, literally and figuratively (Sun sxt Mars)

Here’s something useful from the excellent Astrologer Kelly Surtees

For those born with the Sun at 6 Capricorn: You’re going to be moving forward aggressively (or assertively, if you prefer) this year, but you’re going to have to do some hard re-thinking in the process. It’s not your reasoning that’s unsound–that’s actually been exceptional– but your hindsight and your Self-perceptions that are suffering. Re-examine the past for what it really tells you (as opposed to what you’ve been telling yourself about it, all this time), and look at choices with an eye to your own health, which includes the actual benefits that may be conveyed to you. Both these measures will make your Solar year, through to your next birthday much more successful than they might be sans review and examination. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!