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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 'Joueuse de guitare' c1897 {{PD}}

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – ‘Joueuse de guitare’ c1897 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: What does it mean that Uranus goes direct during a Mercury retrograde? Possibly that the higher reasoning and intellect go into overdrive, but find the concepts and information are un-relatable, either because one can’t seem to find the right words, or because the ideas themselves remain indistinct. Communication, then, becomes difficult, and it may appear each individual doesn’t know her or his own mind–but that’s not so, it’s just a problem translating that electric impulse of pure knowledge into a language that can be understood. The Arts offer a great way to funnel this higher mind material, and as well offer a way to link instincts with those matters too long ignored or denied–they need to be worked out, and music or dance or the visual arts, any venue that employs one’s artistic impulse, even untraditional ones, provide a perfect outlet–but take care that relationships or financial situations don’t become venues for working out the neglected–that likely only results in upset. It’s a really good time for inventors and those looking for a unique approach, as new and startling concepts and work-arounds occur to us, and we take a kind of ruthless view of what we care about, both as a housecleaning measure and one that offers to make the changes we seek. The best approach overall might be to be gentle with ourselves and others, in order to avoid a too radical purging, and to keep from doing what we can’t take back (Uranus goes direct, Pluto contra-parallel Vesta, T-square Venus as arm to a Black Moon Lilith-Sedna opp)

Today’s word image is two tickets to the theater. A theater experience is a companionable one; we typically go with others, in order to have even more individuals act out a story, to entertain us. Are you part of the audience, or are you an act-er? Each has its place–right now there’s a need to either appreciate what you’re being presented with, or to act out what you truly want to present to others.

For those born with the Sun at 8 Capricorn: It’s the dawning of a new emotional era for you, one that will change the way you think–and that change is driven not just by a new viewpoint, but by the inclusion of new information and ‘facts’ you weren’t previously aware of. This is good overall, but may disturb the equilibrium of your life in the moment. Be aware: new agreements lead to new situations–and these may or may not fit with what already is. You’re actually on the way, this Solar year through to your next birthday, to making a dream come true–so careful progress that acknowledges what has changed, and what’s still solid, is vital to success. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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