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'The Helix Nebula' Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

‘The Helix Nebula’ Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Astro and Lunar Essence: We enjoy a New Moon in Capricorn at 10:53 PM Pacific time at 7 CAP 59, but it’s not the only activity we need to note. This New Moon conjoins the Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction (the meeting that occurs when Mercury is in the midst of the retro cycle) with this tying the NM beginning into the action via the sextile of Mars and Merc, Merc’s conjunction with the Sun, and the Sun’s integral part in opposing (and creating) the New Moon phenomenon. As well, there is an emphasis on action, choice, and what we as individuals can do or make happen–and this builds toward, and then likely finds expression through, the New Moon moment.

The fact that the New Moon falls in Capricorn suggests that what begins may be either constructive/ positive, setting something solid in motion that allows for the establishment of a new beginning, or that it may signal restraint or an ending, with the Sea Goat’s conservative and cautious nature put to work in our own best interests as we refrain from, or put an end to–and so set something new in motion.

The NM is of course still sextile Mars and approaching sextile to Neptune; it’s also roughly semi-square both Black Moon Lilith (remember, that’s a point, rather than a body) and Venus (which places the NM at their midpoint), and semi-sextile Hygeia. These contacts are, in the larger scheme of things, relatively minor–and yet they accumulate their modest effects by gentle pushes to the ether, this way and that. The result is that what begins now is creative (though don’t assume that’s positive! or that it comes in a traditionally recognized creative form) as it feeds on both matters ignored or denied, and on those health issues (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) that are nibbling at the edges of our consciousness with worry or the soon-to-be undeniable recognition of some health matter that must be addressed. Right now, though we likely become aware of these issues, we aren’t forced to move on them–that point likely comes later, at the Superior Conjunction.

And, with the coinciding of the NM with the Inferior Conjunction, we see a moment in time where what begins may be larger than we realize, and we’re fortuitously offered a timeline along which we can expect at least a partial result, with the Superior Conjunction (when Merc is once again direct and meets the Sun). This can result in our own version of the Big Bang as something that coalesces now reaches a point of intensity that brings bigger-than-the-sum-of-its-parts results with the SC of 5 March. We should note the Superior Conjunction occurs midway through Pisces, giving the events a dream-come-true potential, or one of unreality or deception.

'Lady at the Window' Caspar Netscher (circa 1639–1684) {{PD}}

‘Lady at the Window’
Caspar Netscher (circa 1639–1684) {{PD}}

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously’. Considering all the other contacts in play at the time of the NM, this implies that what occurs may bring something out into the light, creating an opportunity for Self-expression and peace within the ‘home’ of the individual (internally or within surroundings)–but the word ‘domesticated’ suggests this is done with passions or forces that have been ‘tamed’, rather than with something new–and this implies that the new start may grown out of mastery of the Self, the environment, or one’s already adept qualities or abilities.

(Mars parallel SN, semi-sq Ceres, and sxt Mercury, Vesta sesq Juno, Saturn sq Chiron)


For those born with the Sun at 7 Capricorn: You are poised between acting (which may be rash or out of anger) and creating (which may be inspired or confused)–and the best way to choose exactly how you will use your energy should be determined by what supports your health best in all its facets. Looking out for your well-being is the key to solidifying your authority and your place in things (your status). Once you choose how to go forward, you’ll find yourself re-thinking what was–but be bold, embrace your choices, and don’t allow regret to cloud what could be a year full of achievement. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!