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Jūlijs Feders - 'The Gauja Valley' 1890 {{PD}}

Jūlijs Feders – ‘The Gauja Valley’ 1890 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Guess what? Adjustments are required, and if we don’t get out ahead of them and make them willingly, the elements involved will be taken out of our hands and changes will occur anyway–and then we’re screwed, not because anything bad happens, necessarily, but because shiny objects will overwhelm rationality and drag us straight back to the more destructive modes of the past. Payoffs and rewards come from anticipating what might come out of the blue (contrary as that sounds), as this keeps us alert, in the moment, and flexible (Mars qnx Zeus, Venus nov Uranus, Sun parallel Mercury and Pluto, and nov SN)

Today’s word image is a car sporting a bumper sticker that reads, ‘Empathy’, that runs someone over. Watch for the yawning irony gap between what’s stated and its distance from reality–too, be aware that moving forward doesn’t have to leave a series of bodies in its wake.

For those born with the Sun at 23 Capricorn: This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you may spend exploring the various ways in which you interact with and can benefit from authorities and power, with the express idea of learning how you can gain power yourself. Don’t be too literal in your interpretation of what constitutes power and its expression; even if you believe you aren’t interested in it, you must acknowledge that to steer your own life course requires accepting your own power, and then being responsible for it. You may also struggle with Nature, this year, in the form of health matters or natural events–but the good news is you’ll reach your next birthday the better for it. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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