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John William Waterhouse - 'The Decameron' c1915 {{PD}}

One thing I’m not crazy about with this picture is the way the women all seemed to be enthralled with the lone man–a discarded instrument even sits next to one, suggesting they’re all taking a passive approach to things, putting aside their interests–let’s not let this be the reality, ladies! John William Waterhouse – ‘The Decameron’ c1915 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We have the resources to make dreams and ideals a reality–the question is, are we really willing to ‘spend’ them on our supposed dreams? This may bring a reality check of the kind that forces us to vet what we have been proclaiming we want–a ‘put our money where our mouth is’ moment–and should we discover we are unwilling to part with assets to back up our words or announced goals, we should celebrate it as a moment of true clarity, a chance to course-correct, to align our internal image with our actual manifestation of identity. We are likely to see that some of our priorities and commitments are actually unhealthy, and we begin thinking in concrete, practical, even hard-headed terms. It may be a rough ride for those who want to keep pretending they will become something they have no intention of actually investing in, but the rest of us can be free of old labels, and of the internal distortions created when we fool ourselves in an attempt to fool others. PS Chances of being fooled as to the actual state of relationships or finances is high, but so is the chance to profit from the creative or to spin an image of ourselves as Love or Money manifest (whether this is accurate or not) (Vesta sesq Hygeia, Venus conj Neptune, Mercury enters Capricorn)

full-moon-in-cancer-january-2017The Full Moon occurs at 3:34 AM of the 12th Pacific time at 22 Cancer 27, where it fills in as the arm of a Cardinal Grand Cross, with Jupiter-Zeus on one end and Uranus-Ceres on the other, with the opposition of the Sun filling in and inviting Pluto (despite the fact that the lord of the Underworld sees the Sun separating from contact). In other aspects we’ll keep our orbs crisp, with a quincunx to Saturn-Juno and a trine to Chiron. The config is dynamic, tense, but fueled by spontaneity, optimism, desire, an awareness of the fulsome presence of Nature (and Her unpredictability), and a consciousness that sees the need for change, destruction, and in some cases, transformation, in the name of renewal, and especially in terms of those who hold the Power. The Full Moon event should bring a culmination of energies that most likely sees a conclusion reached, spurred by changes in the reality picture and our awareness of it, and all of it based in what we care about, what we’re sensitive to (Moon in Cancer) and how this can mesh with real-world conditions and circumstances (Sun in Capricorn).

This brings healing (the Chiron trine) and forces us to adjust to the real-world state of our empowerment (quincunx Saturn-Juno)–fantasies will no longer do, echoing the other aspects for the day unrelated to the Full Moon. The Cross itself brings opportunity for ambition fulfillment and the need to balance this with our own unique needs within the power structure/ Nature, with what we care about, and with the conscious knowledge that certain facets of the reality picture (and possibly the emotional one) must change, in some stark and significant way.

Just maybe we may also want to consider a loose Water Grand Trine involving the Moon-Earth meeting reaching out to Chiron in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio. This hints at healing through balance that allows emotional acknowledgment of matters previously hidden, denied, or that enraged. The essence of many of the aspects for today and for the Full moon seems to hinge on successfully allowing two at least somewhat contradictory or unalike forces to meet, and from that meeting finding equilibrium; just something to keep in mind going forward.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘The Meeting Of A Literary Society’. This symbol speaks of the coming together of minds, to consider ideas expressed in a concrete form, in this case, in writing–and in a twist, this could specifically apply to contracts, as a meeting of the minds is the primary condition for the formation of such agreements. This suggests the Full Moon events express a material or manifest form of one or more ideas, allowing them to be vetted in the real world. Though the environment for inspection is a civilized one, what results may not be quite so, as the inclusion of Pluto, Zeus, and Uranus in the Full Moon picture suggests some extreme passions and unpredictable alternatives may suddenly be on the table, pushing the feeling nature (Moon in Cancer) to extremes and/ or draw conclusions.

Edgar Degas - 'Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet' c1856 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas – ‘Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet’ c1856 {{PD}}

The Sabian for the Sun, instigator of the Full Moon phenomenon, is, ‘A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat’. The figure of ‘a soldier’ suggests one of many, who is responsible for and in control of only him or herself–but all awards a soldier can receive on the battlefield are tied directly to her or his actions that specifically benefit both his cause and his fellow soldiers. So, this could imply that what culminates at the Full Moon started with actions that went ‘above and beyond’–and this is the result.

Bonus: those with natal placements at 20-23 of Leo may be in for major emotional healing or wounding, likely as Full Moon events reveal something about their origins that was previously unrealized.

Bonus bonus: Full Moon work with Auntie Moon

For those born with the Sun at 22 Capricorn: You’re at or very near the summit, right about now, and you reach the crest of your goal only to find–another big climb ahead of you. Don’t despair; you can rest for a brief while and gather in the benefits of the level you’ve already achieved–and if you look around you’ll see that you’ve got the resources, the support, and the personal authority to begin the journey up that next mountain–and it’s more than likely that you’ll reach the summit for this Solar year’s goal much sooner than you expect–so get ready to celebrate–after that climb, of course. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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