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Vincent van Gogh - (1889) {{PD}}

Vincent van Gogh – ‘Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background’ (1889) {{PD}}

Saturday January 28th sees the New Moon of the preceding day usher in growing understanding, and this results in us really noticing both the value of our instincts and those instances where authorities show a distinct lack of wisdom. It’s a great day to ground ourselves in and reinforce our own standards and priorities, and as well to take an accurate measure of the reality picture.

Word image for the 28th is an olive branch with olives on it. This made me think of the phrase, ‘the fruits of peace’. What are those? Whatever results from our acceptance of what is, since that acceptance itself brings about a state of peace, at least internally. What have you accepted, ‘made peace’ with, that you are now seeing the benefits of?

Sunday the 29th we focus on the Mercury conjunction to Pluto and the sesquiquadrate both form to the North Node. The North Node is a point that, at least theoretically, points in the direction of current affairs; it tells us where we will end up, should we continue in the way we are reasoning, behaving, choosing now. This aspect set suggests an evolution of or transformation of thought/ thinking that then requires some (probably difficult) adjustments to our life direction. This shift in thinking can be destructive or can bring mental re-birth, with a consequent alteration to where, if we continue with the reformed approach, we will end up–and both the potential changes in thought and the potential changes in destination are obvious today, if we will only look.

Word image for the 29th is a man who comes to you and says, ‘I can give you something so that you won’t remember what’s coming, once it’s over.’ Do you take it or not? The essence of this question may be, In your future do you anticipate so much pain that after the fact you want to pretend it never happened, or do you want to be aware of what you and others did so that nothing escapes your judgment? Think of it as drinking from the river Lethe, which allowed one to reincarnate by wiping away all memory–or would you rather drink from Lethe’s companion river, Mnemosyne, where one remembers everything in complete detail, including tremendous pain, which is not allowed to fade? This may be a choice between peace and the ability to meet things anew, to refuse to carry burdens of anger or guilt, or to remember all, which equips one to choose and interact in an absolutely just way, but also requires we carry every pain ever experienced–and this pain can’t help but distort our approach to others and to life.

On Monday the 30th to act or choose is to wound ourselves or others, chiefly by the way to be wise we must violate our values, or conversely, to support our values, we must do something unwise or impractical. How do we know which is the better option? By taking our ambitions and desires out of the reasoning equation. Making the choice an impersonal one removes the potential for wounding and allows a fair standard of both values and wisdom to be upheld.

Word image for the 30th is a memento or keepsake from the past that features the color blue. It could be a photo with a background of blue sky, a blue patterned scarf, a Tiffany jewel box, a passport from certain countries–anything that wouldn’t be quite the same if it weren’t blue. This could serve one of two purposes: to bring you abruptly into the present moment when you see it, or to take you back to that moment, and what it taught you.

Tuesday the 31st may find us struggling to avoid it but inevitably hurt, in the end. Though we may be convinced that balance will prevent injury, it does not–so does anything keep us from being wounded? No, but then again, to be wounded is to receive events, revelations, information, or consequences in a way that insists one is vulnerable and unable to avoid being affected. There are three things we can do to minimize negatives: 1) don’t insist on independence or originality in thinking at this time, 2) don’t insist all material matters must go according to your standards (and don’t try to suppress what you don’t agree with), and 3) choose to focus on what doesn’t hurt–there, isn’t that better?

Frederick Carl Frieseke - 'Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers' 1914 {{PD}}

Frederick Carl Frieseke – ‘Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers’ 1914 {{PD}}

Word image for the 31st is a house with no mirrors. Symbolically speaking, we’re talking about a ‘resident’ who achieves no ‘Self-reflection’ (or a vampire, your choice). Sometimes an unwillingness to examine one’s own ways, beliefs, or methods is framed as modesty, or as being aggressively engaged with the world, so that the Self is disregarded in the quest to focus on others, and other things–and of course the opposite, a house filled with mirrors, suggests vanity and Self-absorption–but could also be seen as a willingness to face things as they are, a desire to see the Self appropriately placed within the surroundings, and as a vote for clarity and realism in perception. In which house would you be more comfortable, and where, in actuality, do you live?

Wednesday the 1st promises us something magical, or maybe simply inspirational, through pursuit of the practical or what’s smart. It’s almost presented as the reward for doing the most effective, modest, and intelligent thing, and we should be prepared for the potentials: it can heal our minds or a distorted way of thinking, it can show us how we benefit by no longer ignoring or denying something, and it prompts us to modify our actions, possibly only a little, but enough to change our destiny.

Word image for the 1st is a confession, that in other times you would have dreaded, that instead brings you closer. What would a younger you have absolutely believed would’ve been a terrible thing, that now, with acquired wisdom, you see is actually good? It’s a bit of a stumper, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

Thursday the 2nd we may find ourselves mentally abandoning opportunities or our own standards in an attempt to retreat to the past. We think we’re being practical, but we’re actually being unhealthy, believing that locking out the present is a safe option. How to avoid the general miasma that surrounds this kind of thinking? Embrace the practical or wise, no matter how dull, and then look at it in a totally new way.

'L'Absinthe', by Edgar Degas1875 {{PD}}

‘L’Absinthe’, by Edgar Degas1875 {{PD}}

Word image for the 2nd is a bottle filled with something you cannot drink. It doesn’t matter why you can’t drink it (whether it’s alcohol and you’re an alcoholic, it’s radiator fluid and you’re not a car, and so on)–what does matter is your reaction: do you let what’s forbidden you dominate your thoughts and attention, or do you move on, not noticing the bottle again?