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James Tissot - 'Young Lady in a Boat' 1869 {{PD}}

James Tissot – ‘Young Lady in a Boat’ 1869 {{PD}}

Configuration of the Week is a Finger of God apex Jupiter with base of Sedna-Chiron. This may promote a tendency to combine hurt and blind spot material, and then display it publicly (or worse, to think our wounds and unknowns add up to ‘facts’)–Ouch! It’s a matter of maintaining vigilance, of not allowing ourselves to slip into an unconscious state where our own internal justifications prop up an inclination toward exhibitionism or Self-aggrandizement–and yet, if we can willingly access what lingers near the surface of consciousness, and apply our most unique skills and talents to dealing with it, we just may create opportunities for ourselves. There’s always a way to use even the most negative-seeming contacts in a positive way–and this is one of those times.

Friday February 3rd we know what we want, but the very fact that we do prevents our effective empowerment; we get in our own way, but why? Our thoughts are grounded and our instincts are good–but our attention is on all the wrong things. We’re preoccupied with our desires, our appetites, and with personal relationships, and it’s this very single-minded pursuit of our wants that trips us up in the first place. For once, knowing where we want to go doesn’t help us get there. If we can focus on other than our goals, things that benefit others but align with our aims (a cause important to us, someone else’s objectives, or something aimed at the greater good, perhaps), we have a much better chance of seeing our wants fulfilled as part of a larger picture, a Collective good, or a mass shift–and this is so even if our ambitions are highly personal or specific only to us.

Today’s word image is a white bed sheet, drying on a line outdoors on a sunny day. Every time I think no one does this anymore, I see laundry on the line. I prefer drying things this way–they smell so nice!–but in rainy Seattle it’s not really an option. So, what past method of achieving an end is perfectly serviceable, and though you now have an effective, more ‘modern’ way to get there, you might want to consider reviving the old practice, when the ‘weather’s just right’?

Saturday the 4th dawns with our inner and outer attention firmly on the physical world, especially those parts of the world that engage our senses. We are busy reading what’s beneath the tangible and material, and measuring almost instinctively how this can support or serve ambition fulfillment. You may get the feeling those around you are being oddly sneaky–but that’s how focus on our inner state and reactions reads when we’re trying to correlate what we’re perceiving sotto voce with what we’re trying to make happen. Use the imagination and creative skills actively–otherwise they can draw misunderstanding or deception from others–and notice that a factual approach to health matters is illuminating, as well as providing more options than you might have anticipated.

By Pierre5018 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37953605

By Pierre5018 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37953605

Today’s word image is a pair of used tickets to a long-ago event. Sometimes we hold on to ephemera because it actually evokes a positive memory, and sometimes we hold on to bits and pieces out of habit, neglect, or a sentimentality that replaces true feeling. You know what to do: keep what brings you truly pleasant associations, discard all the rest.

Sunday the 5th Jupiter turns around (for some it will be the 6th already), stationing retrograde early in the 23rd degree of Libra. The first contact Jupiter will make with retro status will be a square received from Vesta in Cancer, as the asteroid retros back to perfect the aspect. This little picture suggests the Jupiter turnaround may prompt the urge to do something drastic about the home, mate, a cause to which we’re committed, or a cooperative venture, in response to what will be perceived as pressure from ‘the facts’ or the social sphere. This will be an artificial crisis, allowed to flourish in the atmosphere of doubt that comes from some pull back, withdrawal, or end to expansion. Optimism wanes, and we think we must jump into action–no, we don’t.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1894 {{PD}}

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1894 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a single glove. Unless you’re missing a hand or exceptionally desperate, this can safely be classified as a useless item. What remnant, leftover, or useless accessory lingers, either from your inattention to the details or your failure to just throw it out?

Monday the 6th dark thoughts menace–all those matters we’d rather ignore, deny, or that enrage us keep popping into consciousness–and as we’re dealing with our interior dialogue it seems the social order, or any offered opportunities, grate on our highest values or disrespect what we honor most. Perceptions are likely distorted as what we know that sits just below the surface of awareness stands on our last nerve and sends us looking for problems. Realize the way out is found by acknowledging what we’d normally rather turn away from, and in genuine holistic thinking.

Today’s word image is a match box with a blue devil on the cover. The Devil may be a symbol of our lesser nature, or instance where we ‘fell from the light’–and maybe we’re sad (blue) about that transgression. Fully admitting it happened, then forgiving ourselves, is the only way to let go for good.

For Tuesday the 7th let’s concentrate on Mercury, which enters Aquarius, parallels Pluto, noviles Neptune, and squares Ceres; this suggests a focus on functions of the higher intellect, on understanding what unfolds before us, on the future, on modern or ‘new’ methods, on the academic (as opposed to the real-world/ material), the unique, on the innovative, inventive, and original, and on the individual position (especially as it applies to cooperation and leadership) within the group. Thoughts bring change, almost without our realizing it, and we are highly creative; the only problems come from authorities, who seem to block us or point out problems with our plans, and from Mother Nature Herself, when ‘natural’ functions or roles interfere with progress. This is a period when form follows thought; make the most of it.

Today’s word image is a plumbing leak. The image is one of containment failure, specifically of emotion (water)–and this is a desired containment, one that allows us to function well and have particular needs met. What’s not being ‘held in’? What feeling, better contained, is escaping into the world? And what other emotion may be pushing (via ‘water pressure’) this better-held-in feeling out?

Wednesday the 8th the scenario is definitely our choice: do we allow wounding to shape values and/ or skill usage, or do we heal by actually embracing our highest principles (including being responsible for our own progress)? You know the better answer.

Today’s word image is a dog barking frantically at a stranger, but as the person approaches and then passes the animal, the dog becomes calm. Is there someone in your life who’s making a lot of (possibly aggressive) noise that is perhaps making you avoid something, or hesitate to go forward? Don’t be afraid–they’re ‘all bark, no bite’.

Thursday the 9th even though we are doing the smart thing, the original, innovative, or inventive thing, we find values undermining health, or health undermining values, which has the further impact of altering the life course. What to do? Find the point where values and health intersect, and put your energy and attention there–that gives you a great starting point.

Today’s word image is a peace sign. Use personal associations, or look for this as a time or place synchronicity marker.

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