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‘Argenteuil’ Édouard Manet 1874 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 11:07 PM PDT of the 10th, at 21 Libra 32, with the Sabian, ‘A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain’. I start with this image, rather than adding it at the end of the analysis, because of the integral part cooperation plays within the image itself; there would be no picture here, if the child didn’t operate the fountain for the birds, and no birds would come near if they couldn’t trust the child enough to overcome their natural fear in order to get a drink. Even inter-species, that is a Libra image through and through, and marks an important point that we sometimes overlook when discussing Libra: without the Other (no matter what form that other takes), we would have no Libra at all–it can’t exist without complementary parts, without multiple facets, entities, or involved parties willingly coming together and working in concert. A Full Moon falling in this sign suggests an end or culmination, one which either brings together entities in a spirit of Libran cooperation, or that ends such cooperation, setting partners previously working together free, on their own.

With that in mind we look at the aspects made by the Full Moon, keeping our orb relatively close (no more than 3 degrees for major aspects, though we’ll immediately make an exception to this, and 2 or less for more minor contacts). We start with that exception, a chain reaction conjunction of the Full Moon with Zeus and Jupiter (with Jupiter 3 deg 43 min from exact–it’s the asteroid Zeus in between that helps extend the orb and link the event with the planet). Here we see that the FM brings to a head desire or ambition, and knowledge or the role within the public sphere–that is, we either achieve, gain the desired goal or other, find out what we need to, and/ or find that desire or goal comes to an end (or it’s finished or halted for us, courtesy of Saturn, with the Full Moon graciously delivering the news!)

The Full Moon also opposes Uranus and the Sun (natch), quincunxes a close conjunction of Mars-Ceres, and forms the arm of a T-square with Vesta and Pluto opposed each other. The opposition to Uranus suggests that either surprise or understanding will accompany FM events, or that ‘the group’ may be stimulus to what occurs. The quincunxes are the tightest aspects, and suggest that we may need to adjust our ideas surrounding using our own personal power or authority to institute our Will; that just won’t go smoothly, and may require care in our choices and actions. The T-square implies that some stand-off between the powers that be/ the desire for change and what we honor and prioritize will find a resolution (or at least come to open conflict) with the Full Moon–but most likely we are offered a cooperative solution, a way to both exercise power/ make change and still honor what we find sacred, through some sort of interactive solution, one that brings in someone or something else, and in this way shows us precisely what we can hand off to a partner or support system (see the quincunx, above), and from which cooperative stance all parties can benefit.