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‘The Lacemaker’ Joost van Geel c1650 {{PD}}

Here we are, poised at the threshold of Mercury’s turnaround, and that almost guarantees an exaggerated tension. The worst thing is that we are likely to mistake the source of our upset; the natural tendency is to look around, to try to find the source of the irritation, pinning it on something in our lives we feel isn’t going right. In this instance, though, the source is in the very air itself–or, to be more accurate, it’s amplified through material mechanisms, through the senses and the very environment itself (Merc in Taurus), so that we feel it (and maybe literally feel it, suffering from food or environment related sensitivities, in the process), maybe we’re even encased in it, so that looking outside for a logical source of tension doesn’t help, and may actually mislead us into thinking if we just handle the job or conflict or relationship or situation correctly, we can banish the upset. We can’t–and that should be a freeing thought, to know that the tension is not personal, is not aimed at you or coming from something in your life you could modify to banish it, that it just is.

On the 7th matters of role, identity, and life direction are vetted through the ambitions and goals as they stand now. A few things we need to know: our ambitions are exaggerated at this time, so that we either aim too high in the moment or see ourselves as vastly inadequate to what we want–and neither is useful, as they send our energies into less- or un-productive directions; we are (probably unconsciously) taking a stance that is contradictory to the prevailing social one, similar to that of an adolescent to authority figures, and we’re perhaps convincing ourselves that this shows our ability to think independently–but anything we adopt in reaction to the social order runs the risk of destroying our ability to respond creatively, as we’ll think we’re being unique when we’re being anything but; and, we aren’t nearly as reliable, consistent, or grounded in real-world mechanics as we believe we are. What’s going on now skews our Self-image so that it may be difficult to act in a way where we can reliably anticipate the outcome. Be willing to adjust your responses as you go along, to cooperate with the group and not hold back on what you can offer–and don’t argue with the facts, even as you must be open to applying faith in going after your goals.

Today’s word image is the number 47. Watch for it, note when it appears, use it as a marker of synchronicities and an indicator of going in the ‘right’ direction.

The 8th sees us find some difficult obstacles littering the path, and some hard truths revealed in relationships or finances. The immediate impulse is to change what we see, but we are prone to be too extreme in our editing. We refuse to succumb to illusion–but that also cuts us off from imaginative thinking. Face the unpleasant in relationships or finances squarely, and let instincts speak; it’s your best chance of wresting real-world effectiveness into a modest yet manageable form, and so creating solid choices on which to base the near-future.

Today’s word image is a mouse in the corner munching a crumbly. Have you been too modest in some area, settling for crumbs? Claim a larger stake–you are worthy of it.

On the 9th we see Mercury retrograde, at 4 Taurus 50, so that we see the period start out making us re-think our material options and choices, asking ourselves, ‘What do I think of what I have?’ but rather quickly devolving into ‘What do I do about it?’ as Merc moves back into Aries. The first aspect Merc makes in backward motion is a semi-sextile to Pallas, hinting that we are concerned, more than anything else, with what’s wise, with figuring that out, during this retro period, which lasts until 3 May.

Today’s word image is a skunk sitting in half a coconut. I know! Weird! Are there two things in your world that just don’t go together? Does one of them stink, and does that one seem to be using the other one for cover? Is someone ‘serving up’ (perhaps in some exotic form) something that appears to be black and white, but which may actually be a stinker? Inspect this fragrant duo, particularly for the way they may be presented together, but don’t actually mesh at all.

For the 10th we see action meet the authority to act, supported by a revelation or two revealed with the Merc retrograde, probably an idea resurrected or that suddenly again seems viable (we may have Saturn’s recent direction change to thank for that). We are competent and ready–so are there any issues? Yes–there’s a need to keep our eyes open for what may have been hidden from us, denied, or ignored–that’s really the only thing that may trip us up at this time.

Alfred de Bréanski c1900 ((PD))

Today’s word image is a rolling river, where big rocks below the surface create tiny, crashing falls. What along the way seems to be flowing smoothly, but instead provides small obstacles, little falls that disorient or slow? Does this suggest the need to step out of the river, for a time, or does it imply we’re not seeing/ anticipating small obstacles, which allows them to have an outsized impact?

On the 11th we need to brace for the unusual, the freak, the surprising, the shocking, the revelatory, the higher understanding, delivered by something that conflicts with our highest standards or that interferes with our priorities. We may feel temporarily disempowered–but that’s the key, we’re only off-balance temporarily.

‘Blomstereng nordpå’ Harald Sohlberg {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a field of daisies. I don’t know about you, but I think it might be soothing to just sit there for awhile.

The 12th offers a sudden or surprising opportunity to make a dream, ideal, or creative venture a reality. Well that’s spectacularly, extraordinarily nice.

Your word image today is your dream–literal or figurative–and what it says about you, right now.

For the 13th we may feel hidden currents, a kind of energy rip-tide undermining our sense of personal authority, personal power, or effectiveness of reach–and yet our standards and priorities are intact, and can be acted upon. Values guide our choices, and our moves, and as long as they do, all is well, if we can avoid being drawn into the darkness by matters we’d rather ignore–to ignore them right now is actually the thing to do. Be prepared to learn new and possibly unusual things about yourself, or about how others see you, and perhaps to revise the identity because of them.

Photo by Petr Kratochvil, released into the public domain. Thanks, Petr!

Today’s word image is a present not yet delivered to the recipient. Is there something of value, something that conveys love and caring, that you have possession of that needs to be given to another? Too often we wait for ‘the right time’ to say something meaningful–when that time is really now.

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