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James Tissot – ‘The Gallery of HMS Calcutta (Portsmouth)’ {{PD}}

This week we may need to ‘unfocus the Self’, allow some distance (with some softening of lines) between our own interests and the rest of the world. Too much of what goes wrong does so because we push forward with the Will and ego, because the feeling is that we have a mandate, that so much excited (in the science meaning, as in agitated) energy within must signify that what we desire is correct in a Universal sense–and that is just not true. Perspective is important this week; so is keeping a strong sense of the real-world as it is, not as we think it is.

Friday the 28th the temptation is to charge forward, sure we are right. Impulsiveness feels sanctioned and may even be rewarded, and the mind is lightning-quick; we think we’re leading the pack, but Merc’s retro status combined with the parallel to and conjunction with Uranus says that we’re not able to decipher all those ideas and perceptions just yet. Like radio signals sent from some far away star and recorded by our brains, we can’t address those signals consciously yet–we know they exist but aren’t yet aware of what they mean–and that says that most action will be premature, carried out without a clear idea of the possible impact or potential consequences.

When it comes to empowering ourselves, we are confused, deluded, or inspired about what will work, if only because it appears we must compromise priorities and values to reach an ideal power state–but not only do we not have to make such a compromise, doing so won’t bring us what we think it will. We’d instead find that to bend our values will be to have given our mojo to the group, and they’ll (inevitably) wield it badly. Keep your own counsel, take notes on those brilliant ideas and sudden perceptions, and remain aware of those issues we’d all rather ignore or deny, as they figure in to the landscape whether or not we choose to acknowledge or address them.

What did you envision? By SpaceX – https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacexphotos/17071818163/, CC0

Today’s word image is a year: 1988. That’s roughly a full Saturn cycle ago. Can you see any threads running from then to now? How did the future look to you at that point? Did things go as you thought they would? How accurately did you see what was coming, and how have your beliefs and knowledge changed since then? And if you were born after that year, what particular knowledge or beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) do you hold that are shaping your future right now? This is about being conscious of what we’ve built, and what we’re building now.

The 29th, though we can draw wisdom from the past like water from a well, we can’t seem to apply it in finances or relationships. We want to shape these positively, to lay a rewarding or profitable groundwork for the future–with such intentions, why aren’t our efforts succeeding? 1. We’re thinking too much about power, and especially about imposing our Will–and that can come off to others as aggressive, preventing meaningful connection. 2. We’re spending too much energy in our own heads, failing to realize that knowing what we want to accomplish doesn’t get it done–we’re congratulating ourselves mentally before we’ve taken action. 3. We’re chafing at what our own instincts are telling us–and that likely means we’re rejecting internal signals in favor of keeping up a facade or fantasy. Let go of prejudices against reality (for that’s what it is, when we reject knowledge, or insist on putting it through a perceptual sieve) for best results in applying wisdom earned in the past to issues in play today.

Today’s word image is a lone, uniformed girl on a volleyball court, holding a volleyball, with no one else in sight. Is there some ‘court’ or life arena where you’re all ready for a ‘game’ or a challenge, but there’s no one else interested in playing? Such frustrations may point to being out-of-step with the current picture of ‘where the action is’, and may suggest we are trying to exert too much control over the game, trying to force others into an arena where we are more comfortable, and so assume we’d have an advantage. Consider that no matter how frightened or uncomfortable we are with the idea of stepping onto an active playing field, absolutely nothing will change if we don’t join in with others, playing the games that actually matter to them and to us.

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On the 30th we may experience a bit of a crisis: we disconnect from reality, and then wonder why things don’t go well! The issue: fear meets our wounds, and we act out our pain via the Will. We try to flex our muscles, make things go our way, just to reassure ourselves that we’re potent, and maybe worthy. We may perceive it as the group or social order keeping us down, or rules or authorities imposing limits, but the reality is we wouldn’t feel that way if we weren’t looking for validation. First, we are not tickets, we are humans–no need for validation, we are worthy as we are, and that is true of any state in which we exist. Today, focus the Will and desires on materially-oriented goals and dreams; when we are forced to stop thinking about things in terms of the ego, and instead must process physical steps to accomplish, we go a long way toward eliminating all that could hold us back right now.

A funicular in Le Havre. Photo By Philippe Alès – Own work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9908206

Today’s word image is a funicular. These charming crosses between a trolley car and an elevator are uniquely suited to move people and small goods up and down steep hillsides. What is the ‘steep hillside’ you’re facing? Is there a tidy funicular (perhaps overlooked in favor of a more direct and laborious approach, in our figurative vernacular ‘cutting a road from the hillside’ or ‘using pack mules’, perhaps?) that if utilized instead would make climbing that hill a whole lot easier? What can pull you up in a way and with a speed that your effort alone just can’t?

May 1st (sometimes known as May Day) brings unqualified reward (Love, Money, or Other) from whatever we put our attention on. Choose carefully, and spend energy where you hope to profit, gain, and give and receive various forms, types, and shapes of love.

They look like they get what May Day’s all about. ‘Women dancing with veils at the May Day Pageant’ No place or year cited. No restrictions.

Today’s word image is a flock of crows flying east to their roosts for the night. Every evening around here we see a mass exodus as the crows fly a couple of miles to where they sleep. They seemed to just disappear. When I finally found out where they roost, it made sense: they chose a forested hill with no activity, completely out of sight but very close to the lake and all those sources of delicious trash, humans. What are you neglecting to allow down time? Something or someone may need to retreat periodically in a way that seems mysterious to you–let them, and know that their chosen circumstances allow them to regenerate in a way that seems safe to them.

‘Crows Fly by Red Sky at Sunset’ Portfolio/Series: from the Series Hana Kurabe Artist: Shibata Zeshin 19th century

2 May offers a somewhat uncomfortable reality check (it only hurts by as much as we are misaligned with real world circumstances), and brings about a reassessing of the values in terms of how much they support our need to shine. It’s a legitimate question, especially if we’ve valued things that act more as barriers to Soul expression than as conduits for it. It’s time we recognize that conducting ourselves according to random moral judgments or ideas of false modesty aren’t just outdated, they prevent authenticity–so here we have the chance to re-shape behaviors and commitments so they actually reflect what we honor in life, and what we find sacred.

Today’s word image is a blue dinner plate. That brings to mind the old ‘Blue Plate Special’. Whether you are aware of it or not, you’re ordering up something special, something unique, just for you, the answer to some appetite–look around, and become conscious of what it is you’re asking for.

By 3 May we are rarin’ to go with all those ideas we’ve amassed during the retrograde of Mercury, which is over today. The great thing is that through the mind we currently have a direct pathway to the instincts and to knowledge we carry deep inside–but while it’s still a tad too early to act in physical terms, it’s prime time to translate creative energies into real-world forms, so do something artistic, or that calls for as much flair as it does calculation.

Today’s word image is a man in a desert, burying a red box. Before you go all ‘Seven’ on me (“What’s in the box!!?”) imagine that it’s a gift, chosen by your Higher Self, just for you at this time in your life. Now, what’s in the box? And when will you feel ready to go dig it up?

The 4th of May sees us aim for healthy–and that might not manifest as you would expect. Some of us will need to express anger, to take action, or to act out, especially if we are faced with matters too long ignored, denied, or that have too long enraged us. The pot boileth over, and often with good reason. Some may suffer Self-recriminations over missteps in the past–please don’t, it’s all over, the only one left who needs to forgive you is you–and though thoughts and ideas may run in an overheated or too enthusiastic vein, they also help get us moving. Those not in need of speaking out are likely to take steps to better treatment of their own bodies or their psyches–but in every case, what’s done is done to push us in a healthier direction.

Not all fancy wear is for ladies. Young Chinese actor in very formal Chinese dress, ca.1920 Photographer: Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a formal gown, that the purchaser has never gotten to wear. What elevated role, event, task, or accomplishment have you been moving toward for so long, it seems you’ll never get to ‘be’ that? It’s not only never too late, you’ve been going in this direction all along–so how much longer before you ‘dress up’ in the desired identity, and step out?

Have a wonderful week, my friends! And to all the lovely people who have written to me this week, requested services, or otherwise sent kindness my way, thank you. Please know I’m moving as fast as I can and will answer, or change the availability on my Services page, as soon as possible.