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William Blake – ‘The Temptation and Fall of Eve’ (Illustration to Milton’s “Paradise Lost”) {{PD}}

On the 5th we see opportunity–and we also see that there’s no straight line from here to there that allows us to take advantage of it. We may bristle at the way it seems the social sphere requires us to accommodate something or someone; to us, it feels like we’re being asked to sully our ideals. Be ready to adjust, compromise, work it out, bend. Seeing flexibility or the need to modify our approach as a degrading option is to take ourselves too seriously, to be navel-gazing instead of looking out there, at all the possibilities open to us. It neither hurts us to take in new info nor hurts our goals to take others or their needs into account, so look around–there are more opportunities available than you believe there are, and today they’ll show.

They’re here. Photo By Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia – Beef Portrait, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25650958

Today’s word image is one of those big heavy balls they used to have in gym class that was called a ‘medicine ball’. I had to google them, it’s been so long since I’ve heard the term, as I wasn’t sure they still existed! They’re used for strength training, rehabilitation, and core conditioning–so what does that suggest as our image? It may be about creating a strong core Self by exercising core values. We can name our values and state what we honor ’till the cows come home, but unless we live those values, our proclamations will ring hollow (particularly to those who are living theirs) and our actions (and so our results) won’t match our intentions.

The 6th we may be feeling impulsive, erratic, hair-trigger, and there are two sources for this: our thwarted Will, and the influence of those matters we are ignoring, in denial about, or are enraged by. ‘Passion’ is key, but in the context of a pot boiling over, rather than life energy pouring toward what we love. We may believe our touchiness and overreaction arise from derailed Self-expression, but there’s an easy test to tell passion from Self-righteousness: do you become indignant at the thought that you might not get your way? That will tell you if you’ve wrapped your energy in an ego-blanket of Self-justification–in which case, take a step back and re-think your aim. If we are being honest with ourselves and others we will likely have a fine day, our actions effective, manifesting our ideas with little fuss, with the best of them supported by some original, innovative thinking by ourselves and those who offer aid.

Today’s word image is a hobby-horse. Some will visualize that as a stationary horse on rockers, while others will see a stuffed horse head on a stick; both can be ‘ridden’ by the right size individual. A hobby or rocking horse is a way for a child to pretend they are mounted on a large, dangerous animal, riding into an imaginary adventure. Where in life might you be ‘faking it’, pretending to have a dangerous or animal-like thing (an inner quality or an outer situation) ‘under control’, when that control is imaginary, and you are, in relation to this one matter, inexperienced or immature, essentially still a child?

For the 7th we see two interesting power dynamics in play: we see those whose power and reach are essentially based on status or a position held struggling with those whose power comes, in one form or another, naturally. What one side has worked and fought to attain may feel threatened by one who swans in holding similar assets, abilities, authority, or talents. How this plays out will be dependent largely on which of the two has a greater need to feel superior–so there’s that.

The second power dynamic will create scenarios where those already holding large amounts of power and influence will brilliantly use to their own benefit matters others are ignoring, denying, or are angry about. This has something to do with facts, belief, and knowledge, and it’s almost certain that those who possess more valid or accurate knowledge will do much better at resisting or otherwise ignoring the manipulative call of the power elite.

Libra, church of Saint-Austremoine,France. Photo by Jastrow {{PD}}

To remain aware is the best we can hope for under these conditions. Today under a waxing Libra Moon headed toward Full expression in Scorpio, we shouldn’t be surprised that many will feel an emotional need to cooperate, to partner, and with current Moon ruler Venus in Aries, we might each think we’re acting and choosing independently, exercising our own Will rather than that of a power broker. Just do your best–nobody expects perfection of you.

Today’s word image is a red paper kite in the shape of a flying crane. This prompts consideration of mimicry, how the kite was created in the guise of a bird but not with the expectation of fooling someone into thinking it actually was a bird–so what is the point of a human-created thing taking the form of a natural one? It might be a way to honor it, to show admiration (or is it envy?) for something humans lack (the ability to fly), or it could be an attempt to bring the beauty and grace of Nature into human creations, essentially co-opting Mother Nature’s choices as our own. Is there something in your life that you have consciously (or maybe not so) fashioned in the form of something (or someone) else, because you admired that natural ability or beauty? It’s time to review whether that thing or way of being truly suits you.

Immagine del manoscritto Zoroaster Clavis Artis, MS. Verginelli-Rota, Biblioteca dell’Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Roma, vol. 2, p. 18 {{PD}}

On the 8th we are seeking empowerment and we get it–but getting what we want entails then modifying our goals or pursuit of what we desire, in order to keep the empowered stance we’ve attained and use it to pursue our goals and wants. It’s an ouroboros where everything is dependent on everything else. If you think too much about the mechanism you’ll distract yourself and lose your balance; instead just cruise in there, eye on the prize, and be ready to negotiate at every step along the way.

Today’s word image is a deep burn received while preparing a fancy dinner. Does this suggest the chef was signalling complete commitment, a willingness to immolate the Self (psychically speaking) to serve others? Or does this suggest resentment at the chore,’feeling burned’ over having to serve others? Or does an injury while doing something very specific speak of a ‘heart’ not in the task?

On the 9th we see the Nodes shift into the Aquarius (South) and Leo (North) axis. I like to think of the Nodes as indicating flow, suggesting energy origins (with the South, in this case, showing intellectual, innovative, or avant garde sources) and the direction of development with the North (Leo, implying evolution toward the heart-centered identity, the generous, the best within the individual). These are background currents that give us a general idea of the Collective emotional thrust at any one time.

The day itself may find us impulsively violating every rule of well-being, good sense, and Nature we can find–and yet, what we create, whether this is constructive or destructive, is a solid and undeniable expression of who we are. Keep that in mind as you choose, act, think, do.

Design for a flying machine, Codex Atlanticus f.844r is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci Photo courtesy http://www.lucnix.be {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a flying car. Much as we may theorize and fantasize about having these in the future, they aren’t here yet. What anticipated future thing are you dumping emotional energy and attention into that doesn’t exist, and where could that energy be better spent?

The 10th brings a Full Moon in Scorpio (Lunar report to follow), and emotion and feeling seem to permeate everything all day long. We may be wildly resistant to what the facts are telling us about our future; we resist what’s smart or practical for emotional reasons grounded in old wounds around love/ relationships or money. What we value in the moment is, somehow, unhealthy, and we know that–but it’s still almost impossible to get us to set aside the belief that we are getting valid information through our feelings–unless you can uncover those core wounds that are driving things and so eliminate them from the thought-equation. Strive to acknowledge we may be too steeped in our fears and hurts (but especially over a fear of what we may discover, of secrets, with a Scorpio Moon) to think clearly–leave decisions, choices, and the forming of impressions for another day.

The word image for the 10th will be the Sabian, explained in the Full Moon post.

We might want to brace ourselves on the 11th for the sheer volume of words we will hear that will contradict accompanying actions. Yes, one of those days. It seems the Full Moon will embolden some to just lie their pants off, while others will see the imagination soar in a more productive way–but in either case, there will be a marked disparity between what we’re hearing (good, sound, productive, sane words) and the simultaneous actions (deceptive or springing from delusion, based on fantasy or so vague they dissipate into nothingness, creative as all get-out). Best use? Channel effort into creative areas, rather than into anything where big deals or lots of details are involved, or where lives are at stake.

By ChinaTravelSavvy.Com – China Travel Guide, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10218039

Today’s word image is the color green. Does it bring to mind envy, money, spring and summer, new growth, old moldy food? A brackish lake or leprechauns? A nebula far away or the face of someone who ate a bad taco? Your personal associations are most important with this image.