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‘Riding in the Bois de Boulogne’ 1872 Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives at 2:42 PM PDT of the 10th at 20 Scorpio 24. It’s widely opposed Sedna, which the Sun is moving toward, sextile Pluto, and in loose sesquiquadrate to Venus. It’s a lonely ol’ Moon, one we may hardly notice, and yet it promises subtle change eased into place, with shifts possibly rooted in the ways we refuse to see our ‘blind spot’, or in ways we reject our own deep, whispered inner knowledge. What we ‘know’ we one way or another deny or turn away from, and this creates a tension in relationships, values, finances, or over assets or anticipated rewards that makes for that change, slip, shift, like a kaleidoscope given a short turn. This culmination offers illumination, of the kind that a mirror offers: we see reflected back to us, in our surroundings and in events, just what it is that we have created by refusing or denying something we should’ve listened to or dealt with. We had a chance to harness the power within it, but we may not have believed it held any worth–or perhaps we believed that we needed to have our own power first, and the opportunity went by.

In all fairness, what influences us in this direction probably has to do with other things: the trine of Saturn to Uranus-Mercury may shut down consideration of the unusual, the unique, making those options and ideas seem unreliable, even dangerous; the Nodes just entered Leo-Aquarius, in the 29th degree feeling like there is some crisis in life direction or a bugaboo threatening to rise again from the past; Juno and Pluto cozying up and giving us the impression that we’re surely facing an emergency in empowerment, or that our status is about to crumble beneath us (the exception here are those who are very comfortable with Plutonian juice–they may get a surge, instead)–and Zeus squares these two, perhaps making us feel our very ambitions and desires are on the chopping block, too; then there’s the Cardinal T-square of Jupiter opposed Pallas, both square Hygeia, a perfect picture of the health care crisis in the US, and presenting personal issues of expanding or stretching ourselves, likely in some physical regard. We face the way this isn’t wise or practical, and yet either option, holding back or pushing forward, promises a difficulty around health (and this threatened facet of health may be physical, mental, emotional, or psychic in nature). In a few days (the 13th-15th) Venus will trine Black Moon Lilith in Fire; that’s when we’ll see the value of what we’ve rejected or avoided, that brought about the FM culmination. Until then we may spend our time just trying to hold on to our little bit of paradise, or power, or love–don’t worry, you’ll succeed. Anything that falls away at this point didn’t give you what you thought it did, anyway.

‘Pleasures of the Tang Court, Spring Outing’ 8th century Zhang Xuan {{PD}}

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders’. That makes sense, since we know from the aspects that we have turned away from something, and the Full Moon is bringing the results. It’s reassuring to know that we were following a higher purpose, a glimpse of our better nature or a glimmer of spiritual knowledge, that pushed us to refuse; we may have told ourselves that we missed an opportunity, but the Higher Self knows better–and we followed its promptings.

The Sun, of course, generates the original light of the Full Moon, so we look at its Sabian as well. ‘A Finger Pointing To A Line In An Open Book’ tells us that this Full Moon is about pointing us toward important knowledge, or the right life direction. Thanks, Universe.

If you’re interested in politics (or astrology as it plays out in real life) trundle on over to my friend Jude Cowell’s fabulous Stars Over Washington (This link is to an article on the 2020 election that I really enjoyed).

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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017