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Hans Baluschek 1894 {{PD}}

Don’t really know why, but ‘cannibals’ seems to be this week’s theme. I don’t mean the literal, eating-each-other kind, but more the ideas of: relentlessly consuming until ‘it’ is all gone; incorporating into ourselves; devouring; engulfing; merging; being submerged in deep process–and all of these applying to the psychic, the emotional, the spiritual. Consume with care. Bon appetit!

On the 12th, while we’re busy trying to change the past (hint: it will not work!) we should be attending to matters of health, and specifically acting on ‘the facts’ or to support what we believe. By taking steps to better ourselves, our environment, our relationships, our spiritual state, our reality, we will generate opportunity. I hate to be so blunt about it, but those who make the effort, win, and those who are passive, lazy, or avoidant, lose, and those who are delusional–well, it could go either way.

Today’s word image is this song and video from Seattle group ‘People Eating People’ (You can back it up to the beginning–it insists on loading midway)

Oh, the twisty ways of the world! On the 13th the very opportunities we sought yesterday prove somehow bad for us today–and yet, if we can access inner knowledge, dragging it to the surface and putting it into a form the mind can accept, we’ll have taken the first step in turning things back to our advantage. The second thing needed will be to reach back into the past via relationships, financial connections, or once-shared values, using this contact to bring something useful from then into now.

I’m assuming this is the witch’s house, as it appears covered in sweets. CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1586149

Today’s word image is the fairy tale, ‘Hansel and Gretel’. I always found this one disturbing not so much for the child-fattening-and-eating witch (she just seemed to be following her nature–what else would you expect from someone billing themselves as a witch? For now we won’t talk about how she tried to force them to push each other into the oven), but for the explanation as to why the children were in the forest in the first place: mom and dad were so poor, they gave their offspring a crust of bread and lead them to the middle of the forest, and left them. What?! Abandoning your children and framing it as a kindness, as if you’re releasing wild animals back into their native habitat, pretending that the odds for survival are better for children alone in the forest than with their parents in the ‘civilized’ world, seems pretty delusional to me, and raises all kinds of questions about what kind of people these parents are. For our purposes, then, we may be one of two parties in this scenario. If we are Hansel and/ or Gretel, we may want to look at a situation where we feel abandoned, where we have been left behind. How did you feel about the reasons you were given for such treatment? Or if we are the parents, in what situation have we told ourselves something or someone would be better off without us, when in reality we have abandoned our responsibility?

By the 14th we find our groove, and the result is a sort of ‘magic touch’ in just about everything. Let’s make a list: our inner wisdom is inspired by a deep knowing, instincts, and ‘sight’ that allows us, temporarily at least, to excavate and deal expertly with our ‘blind spot’; original ideas meet the exact right attitude and ability to materialize them that offers optimum expression; action, skills, and smarts go hand in hand in hand; facing and embracing the darker elements of the things and people we love has surprising benefits; thinking is only mildly creative, but completely attuned to the future and what it requires. Any down sides? Not really, though appetites may be all-consuming and could lead to an energy hangover, in one form or another, down the road.

Today’s word image is the 1945 film version of the Noel Coward play, ‘Blithe Spirit’. Let’s just say that once you open the door to the unseen, life’s never the same again.

Today, the 15th, Mercury enters Taurus, bringing a perhaps too-literal sense to communications; too, we may insist on being ‘comfortable’ with what we hear, say, and think–an attitude that’s not exactly horizon-expanding. There’s also a slight tension underlying relationships and finances–this is meant to make us listen to our sixth sense in these areas. Otherwise, it’s just like any other day.

Today’s word image is a tiny bunch of carrots, accidentally pulled from the garden while weeding. I yanked these Barbie size root vegetables from the ground before I realized I had them in my hand; the largest is no bigger than the end joint of my little finger. Is there something you’re doing that endangers something so new you’re not even aware it’s there? That’s an impossible question to answer, really. So let’s ask this: in what areas of your life do you need to be extra careful right now, as new things could be in beginning stages that will be destroyed if you get too hands-on, too aggressive, too interventionist, about it? What useful/ desirable is growing where you can’t see it, amid things you want to eliminate?

The 16th what we sense we, quite literally, see. For some this will play out with matters residing in the ‘blind spot’, with what’s usually tucked out of sight suddenly right in front of them. Our impulses to act are aligned with our highest values, and we have the idea that we need to adjust reality to accommodate us–maybe we should consider adjusting ourselves, instead.

By Ángel Rollón from Madrid (Spain) – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5990145

Today’s word image is a woman walking three big dogs she clearly can’t control. A few questions you must answer/ issues define for yourself: what (or who) are the ‘big dogs’ in your life? Are you trying to handle too many large or unwieldy issues? Is it really appropriate that you even attempt to ‘handle’ these in the first place? And what happens if it all gets away from you?

On the 17th our own imaginations (or in some cases, delusions) may encourage us to overdo, and this may be in spite of a reality check offered by the social sphere. Our action urge is perfectly expressive of our ambitions and desires, and yet we may find it difficult to act because of our status, or because of inhibitions necessitated if we want to retain our position or power. Clarity comes through an open-eyed look at what we know to be wise, practical, or skill-based–these offer guidelines and a measuring stick by which to appraise any and all matters.

Vincent van Gogh – ‘Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette’ 1886 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is something to consider: does something we’ve been only in our imaginations have the ability to affect us, especially physically? I’m thinking of someone I know who told me she has imagined herself a smoker her entire adult life, though she’s not a smoker, and recently she’s faced a handful of health issues associated with being a heavy smoker. What about you–anything you believe about yourself (with no supporting material evidence) that has had an effect on you in the real world?

The 18th we see a perfect synergy between stasis and movement, the established and the new, the traditional and the modern. This is Saturn trine Uranus, the signifier of grounded electricity; that state or containment (Saturn) of a current of charged particles (Uranus) is necessary to make the energy both useful and safe. This combo supports our original and unique Self-expression, imbues the staid with excitement and variety, enlivens (perhaps literally) breathing life into what is inanimate, and offers both material form and time parameters to what otherwise could be a fleeting and possibly damaging ‘charge’. That suggests that today’s image must be a Frankenstein of one composition or another. How have the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ been combined in your world, so that it brings ‘new life’ to the already familiar?

On the 18th circumstances surrounding this Saturn-Uranus excitement are ones of healing wherever we put our attention, and of learning that we shouldn’t count on the social sphere or the facts to bring us profit or love.

Have a wonderful week!