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‘Sunset’ 1917 Arkady Rylov {{PD}}

On the 26th, Love is Wise. It’s the answer for everything. Oh, and ignore the darkness, your fear of change, and the Powers-That-Be; just for today, they can’t touch you.

And you’re welcome. (That’s my answer to you thanking me for not posting an MC Hammer video).

Instead we’ve got Today’s word image:a Tarot card that is totally blank. No such thing exists, right? So we’re left with symbolism. This says to me that if we’re looking for signs and indicators of what’s coming, we may not be given any, not because the Universe carries any malice toward us, but because some things aren’t meant to be known.

The 27th things get complicated. We’re trying to go at it in a straightforward manner, being spontaneous, open, healthy, nothing to hide, thinking, applying ideas, and making progress–but what’s been only in our peripheral vision and (perhaps unbeknownst to us) enraged us comes forward and completely messes with our ability to be autonomous, to exercise our prerogatives and abilities, and to expand our reach and effectiveness. If we turn to the social order for help, we get lots of hemming and hawing, and those with real power for some reason just don’t want to be associated with us! What’s a just-want-to-get-it-done innocent to do? Cop to whatever you’ve been denying or not giving your attention to–that’s what’s causing this mess.

Unsigned. Japanese, 19th century {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a goldfish with a tiny shark fin strapped to its back. Be fierce today, even if that’s not your nature. Not aggressive or hostile, but confident; burn with the intensity of a thousand suns–or the equivalent.

The 28th we want More and it’s just not good for us. We try to act in spite of obvious barriers and restrictions, mostly because we just don’t want to let go of a fantasy or ideal. I could be harsh and say, ‘Grow Up,’ or we could each say it to ourselves, but either way, that’s the essence of today: a need to formulate a positive but much more realistic (and so, more workable) picture of our world and how we fit in it.

‘Washing Fairies’ Hamburg-St. Pauli, Photo By Oxfordian Kissuth – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11258295

Today’s word image is us, rolling up our sleeves, to give the dingiest part of the house a scrubbing. Inevitably there’s always some corner, some neglected area, where grime collects. It’s one of those days where we can take this literally, and shine up a portion of our abode, or figuratively, which requires cleaning out a corner of the psyche where we know there’s an issue, that up until now we’ve chosen to overlook.

On the 29th Ideas spark ingenious action and choices–go with it. Nevertheless, what rewards us does not reflect our ambitions, our desires, or our dreams–so maybe the second message here is, Don’t look to what you usually want, pine over, long for, or moon about for a payoff, emotional or most especially material. Relationships may offer Love unconnected to our roles, obligations, agreements, or familiarity levels; we can’t buy that kind of caring, it springs from some much purer well than the average interaction, so savor it, today.

Today’s word image is weather finally warm enough for seeds to sprout. Is there a milieu or environment you’ve been waiting for a long time to see ‘heat up’? Get ready, as the wait’s over.

The 30th actions, choices, and communications are spontaneous, inspired, imaginative, innovative, and so successful, in large part because we follow our highest values and priorities. Ambitions and goals may suffer only in their need for adjustment, to fit what we revere. We’ll see very clearly what we ourselves honor, and what others find sacred or make a priority; remember this for the future, as it always helps to know what we and others truly care about–and it can explain just about everything.

‘Harmonie du Soir’ Michel Simonidy 1904 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is suddenly beginning to listen to a kind of music you’ve never really liked before. Our tastes change; that’s why we need to keep looking around at the world, as there’s always something to try, something we’ve passed up before that’s become interesting, a thing overlooked to sample. If you haven’t lately, give something new a try.

What’s working in our favor on the 31st? A whole lot. We are confident, and because of that opportunities come to us; we act from lessons learned in the past, which have been distilled to wisdom, and we apply this to our life direction, with an eye on the future; we think it, or voice it, and connected change happens–so be especially careful with your thoughts and words. Attention is fixed on ideals, and reality doesn’t interfere. What’s not working so well? Confidence in something doesn’t mean it will happen–we can only hold confidence in ourselves–and erratic or extreme actions or responses are rooted in ignored or denied material, so that the less we have buried, the more reliable and coherent our choices.

Today’s word image is a painting centuries old where one of the figures looks just like someone you know. There’s a timelessness to individuals, with physical types recurring over and over through the years. Think of whoever of your acquaintances you imagined when you read the first sentence–consider this may be a prompt asking you to recognize something eternal in this person, to acknowledge some ancient continuity you’ve never noticed before.

June 1st offers the feeling of a ‘new start’–or would, if pesky reality didn’t keep getting in the way. We are reminded of what’s not working in our world, according to our own highest values, and we are aligned with and conscious of this most perfect sense of what we honor and who we are; listen to that inner perception, as that allows us to follow our instincts to gain in Love or Money, and to perform in harmony with the world as it is, obstacles and all.

These are definitely not those ‘so comfortable you think you’re barefoot’ shoes. By Carel Paris – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37023331

Today’s word image is a pair of shoes that feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all. I think these suggest the kind of imperceptible support we get from the Universe. We can’t always feel it, but it’s there.

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