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‘At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance’ Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1889 {{PD}}

On the 2nd, Power Deceptions come into play. It’s not that we are unable to grasp which way (or to whom) the actual power is flowing, it’s that we are being presented with something by those holding the power that deliberately obscures the facts. Chew on that for a second; how does it feel to know that the Truth is being so purposefully withheld, and is done so with impunity? That’s what those in power do when they are unwilling to share. We’ll be mad, agitated, and probably lash out, because dah-um, it hurts, and hurts in a way that cuts us right down into our core, hitting a primal wound that triggers a sense of shame at our own vulnerability. At least in part, this is about learning that the hard edges of the reality picture can’t harm what’s most important: ‘what is’ just can’t put a dent in what we revere, in our highest values, or in what we find sacred, unless we hand our own power over to that external. That’s good news, showing that our Beingness, what’s important (and so what’s eternal) within us, is unaffected by those slings and arrows of misfortune. That should reassure us that the real problem lies outside of us and outside our reach, after all.

Message in a bottle, By Peer Kyle – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36953569

Today’s word image is receiving contacts from strangers. Suddenly there seems to be a flood of individuals reaching out to people they don’t know; I’m getting them, clients and readers are reporting getting them, and not the kind that are to be expected from the line of work or the social presence–and these are not banking scams or info seeking. They seem to be ‘fishing’ in the old-fashioned sense: looking around for someone to engage with, the equivalent of approaching a stranger at a cocktail party for chit-chat. What they all have in common is this: they are the shallowest of contacts, and don’t promise any real interaction–so why should we respond? We should respond only if we don’t value our own time, if we are looking for meaningless interactions, if we are avoiding life at all costs. It’s the Universe asking us to show discretion, to value ourselves, and to think enough of others not to waste their time, either.

The 3rd brings Opportunity and Optimism painted in broad, shiny strokes, via sudden relationships, a choice of financial paths, an asset windfall, loves lost and found, past group affiliations that build new affiliations for tomorrow, and a promise that any power you have will be treated as sacred. Sounds wonderful, and for the most part, will be. Issues are generated by us, and arise from those matters we’ve ignored or been in denial about, and now must deal with to successfully take advantage of the sudden opening, the revelatory information, the innovative plan, or the original idea.

Today’s word image is a garbage scow moving over pristine waters. Is it time to ‘take out the garbage’ in a big way? The thing with the massive transporting of garbage is, we see it as ‘disappeared’, but it’s really just been taken to where we can’t see it–so isn’t really gone at all. Maybe it’s burned, or buried, but there’s usually a lot that doesn’t get obliterated. What ‘housecleaning’ have you done lately, literal or figurative, that may not have been entirely successful–that is, where’s the garbage been moved to, and does it need further handling, processing, or a final and complete destruction?

By Jot Powers – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=934530

Mars enters Cancer on the 4th and we may all feel like we’re Running Through Marshmallow Fluff. Suddenly ‘straight talk’ just isn’t as welcome as it was in Gemini, and the only ‘acceptable’ attitudes are caring ones–anything else invites censure or reprimand. Others may see us as overly aggressive, most especially when we’re minding our own business and seeing to what we want and need. ‘Selfish’ may get thrown around a lot, but so may labels that apply to those who take action because they care, who step up to leadership positions expressly to nurture, rescue, or comfort others, and who emphasize that individual responsibility is really the only genuine responsibility that exists. Remember during Mars’ sojourn here that Cancer is a Water sign; that can make assertive energies more volatile as they’re so easily paired with emotions, but it can also mean that if you can touch an aggressor through the feeling nature you can diffuse the human bomb.

The mind and the instincts are melded today, but this includes the ‘blind spot’ material, making for a touchy mental stew where it may be nigh on impossible to trace thoughts and conclusions along some logical or totally obvious course. The reality picture presents us with the need for adjustment, and if we can trust the instincts and are reasonably sure we’re not hiding anything from ourselves, then things can turn out just this side of inspired. Those sitting on a pile of denial or anger will only manage to fool themselves; everyone else will find the imagination stimulated and a creative viewpoint readily accessible.

Today’s word image is a bed in the middle of the forest. Is yours a fairy tale image, a hippie dream, a swirl of leaves where an animal or small human lay, or actual furniture, incongruous among the trees? There’s something about the image of a bed in the forest that says accessing the unconscious, possibly through dreams, a relaxed fugue state, or a meditative one. Examine today’s dreams, the ones you have asleep, and the ones you ponder awake, with an eye to what they might say about what your unconscious mind is building into your future real world.

The 5th we feel strong, sure in our identity and our purpose–so what is all this mental static? It’s caused by the way we’re Connected to Inner Power, but fail to connect to the reality picture as it currently exists. The mind is being short-circuited by a Fist of God, base of Hygeia square Jupiter, apex Mercury, that’s acting as a lightning rod for the dissonance between What Is and the internal landscape. What’s healthy for us is at odds with the social sphere and perhaps with the facts, and this is what creates interference between impulses and forming cogent thoughts. The urge may be to give the life direction a good going-over, but that misses what we might gain if, just for today, we’ll leave behind the rational and go with the fanciful and creative.

Expecting animals to behave like people is generally frowned upon, now days. {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a seal balancing a ball on its nose. Generally, we don’t see making animals do tricks as a good thing, anymore. In what way are you subject to someone else, who has ‘trained’ you to do something useless, frivolous, or simply to show they have power over you? And what will you do, now that you’re clear on how ‘unnatural’ it all is?

On the 6th we see Mercury move into Gemini and Venus into Taurus. Thinking takes on a crisp edge–a relief after yesterday–and relationships and finances take a bottom line, is everybody satisfied approach. We have an Optimistic, Forward-Looking Attitude that may be a tad impulsive to be productive, though the true measure of our effectiveness is found in whether we are able to reconcile our need for empowerment with both our highest values and what’s truly healthy. Not an easy equation to work out, but one that will be exceptionally beneficial if we can.

Today’s word image is a rainbow in an unexpected place. We’ll catch one, when light hits a piece of crystal just right, or mist catches the sunlight, or even when a thin sheen of oil slicks the surface of a puddle. Look into the unexpected, the unplanned, the spontaneous for the fleeting beauty it can offer, and watch for those ‘signs’ that say to you everything is going well–because it really is.

Rainbow and sulfur dioxide emissions, Halemaumau vent, By Brocken Inaglory – Own work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3909872

For the 7th we end up shooting ourselves in the foot if we aren’t willing to Adjust our need for empowerment as it relates to our natural talents and tendencies–but if we are, we can allow values to work with what we’ve ignored or denied, and thereby solve or diffuse issues; adjustment also allows us to incorporate the ambitions and desires into the identity with great success. This day should leave us in a much better position than it found us, assuming our power needs are modified as noted, though we should expect (and accept) that thinking at this time won’t actually be clear on how we can best empower ourselves–relax, that comes later–right now the need is to adjust the Self–any conclusions about empowerment can’t be safely drawn until later.

Today’s word image is a place: Mexico, and specifically Cancun (or another ‘C’ city). Look for references to this (the phrase ‘South of the border’ or ‘going South’, for instance, which can mean escaping, hiding out), or use your own associations with the city or the country.

The 8th offers some highly positive and constructive influences, with only a single tricky dynamic. First, the good news: highest values put a Super-Positive Spin on expression, attracting opportunity and spinning facts into ideal shapes. Wisdom guides creativity, and in relationships and/ or finances we take unusual or innovative steps that can bring (or at least lay the foundation for) serious reward. The only thing to watch for is the working of our own minds; in spite of our skills and smarts, we may succumb to the allure of desire, which in this instance carries some inherently destructive components (Fist, Zeus-Pluto, apex Merc). We may be tempted to choose gratification in one area, and in the process fail to acknowledge that we’re ruining everything else. C’est la vie.

‘Lady in a Red Hat’ 1924 By János Thorma {{PD}}

Today’s word image is something red, that will really stand out. Mark the moment.

Enjoy a book! And have a great week!