Something I noticed in my time away that I just had to share with you; maybe you’ve noticed it, too. It seems there’s been a kind of synchronous acceleration–that is, there’s no lapse between becoming conscious of something and experiencing something, sometimes literally, that bears the essence of the thought or concept. A couple of examples will suffice, though it’s been happening over and over again, for days now. I smelled smoke at the exact moment someone on television said the word, ‘Smoke’. I realized we were rushing, and just as I did I saw a man walking toward me with ‘Rush’ in huge letters on his T-shirt.

Those things are not monumental on their own, but they do suggest a remarkable immediacy to life right now, an immersive and responsive Zeitgeist that offers instantaneous manifestation of thought–or perhaps it’s thoughts that occur in perfect harmony with manifestations.

I’ve always thought that those occasions when we experience a synchronicity, a deja vu, or when we realized we’ve dreampt this, and know how it will go, are little assurances from the Universe: you are ‘tuned in’, so be confident in your understanding. It’s almost like an invisible hand is patting us, pointing us in the ‘right’ direction, and I believe it’s meant to show us that we are the stuff of the Universe, and it is us, responsive to who we are, right down to our thoughts.

Maybe this reflects stationary Neptune in Pisces: holding still, midway through his own sign, making a sort of fixed point, an energy fulcrum that connects the seen and unseen, linking spirit and imagination and the forces of materialization and dematerialization, with no barriers, no ability to look away and not notice, to miss something disguised or ungraspable. It’s all right there, in your head and out in the world at the same time, a glimpse at the limitless power of creativity, in its most primal and natural sense. Be aware–it’s a great power you hold.

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